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ConfigMgr 2007 R2 Report Wizard fails to convert certain reports

Question from an myITForum community member:


I’ve been trying to get the software 06A reporting functioning correctly in SRS. It works in the old asp reporting. but I’m hoping to move away from that as soon as possible. Since my T-SQL skills are still in there infantile stage I was playing with the report in report builder 2.0, I found that if I removed the IF statements above the SELECT TOP statement report builder picked up the parameters and I was able to run the report and get the same data as in asp reporting.

From what I read in the help file and SRS book I have it looks like the report parameters aren’t being created from the query parameters automatically when using the IF statements. When I manually map the query parameter to the report parameter it doesn’t seem to pass the information and the report returns nothing. Only by removing the IF statements and allowing report builder to automatically create the mappings am I able to get data back in the report. But when I do that I can’t leave parameters blank, otherwise I’ll only get a subset of what I should, or nothing at all.

Has anyone else ran into this and resolved it? Or am I missing something obvious here?


I’ve run into this, and so have others, you are not alone. 😉 Strangely though, I’ve seen some sites import reports like 06A and the resultant SSRS report works fine.

Why does this happen? I have no idea.

What happens to the report during the import process? This issue seems to affect ConfigMgr 2007 ASP reports that contain both queries and wildcard lookups for the report parameters. This ASP code is not translated properly into SSRS report parameters. The solution is editing the SSRS report, and correcting each of the report parameters

Note: Download the corrected Software 06A Report below, it was modified using SQL Server 2008. Rename to *.RDL before using.


You’ll have to “adjust” the two embedded data set properties to match your data sources on your reporting server. You should be able to import this report, use the report server and change the data source.

Note, I’ve changed the parameters to accept wild card searches, use ‘%’ as part of the name to do partial matches.


Attachment: Software 06A – Search for installed software v2.txt

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  1. Can’t find download link for RDL file?

  2. Can’t find .RDL file download link?

  3. Link is there now, it didn’t transfer from the “old” blog. Thanks Rod!

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