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Community Update: Upcoming Changes for

Community Update: Upcoming Changes for
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Hi, all!

Periodically, we like to update the community on what we have planned and where this ship is headed. began its reemergence as a lone entity in January of this year after being managed by a corporate entity for several years. Unfortunately, despite hopeful opportunity, most community projects like myITforum falter under corporate control. As most of you know already, after that long hiatus is back under my ownership.

It’s amazing to me how things come full circle.

Several years back (maybe – 2003 or 2004), I sat in the ScriptLogic (remember them?) office in Florida. ScriptLogic was interested in acquiring at the time, however, we couldn’t come to terms. But through that experience, I met Nick Cavalancia, who has been a treasured friend ever since. We’ve kept in touch periodically over the years and when he heard that I was putting the myITforum band back together, he was immediately interested in getting involved.

Nick and Peter Bruzzese run a very popular and very successful publishing company called ConversationalGeek. If you’ve attended an IT conference in the last couple of years, you’ve probably seen a few of ConversationalGeek’s books. Peter, incidentally, has spoken for me at another conference I ran for several years. You might know this one: IT/Dev Connections. Peter is also a bonified expert on Office 365 topics and already myITforum’s resident Office 365 geek.

Using my experience with conferences and running editorial teams, Nick’s experience with marketing and business, and Peter’s experience with publishing, we’ve decided to join forces. In doing so, and combining those years of experience, we plan to take myITforum to the next level, meaning we are ramping up to build a most unique, full-service media organization. Media orgs have grown fat and shameful and they’ve forgotten the customer. With our awesome combined skills, we believe it’s up to us to deliver a grand community experience for the modern world.

Additionally, I’ve recently taken a job with Microsoft as an Azure PFE. So, this partnership couldn’t come at a better time. I’ll still be around here quite frequently, but having partners like Nick and Peter means things will keep moving along.

You may have noticed a few minor changes here and there with the website and the community pieces. However, one bigger change you may have also noticed is the myITforum logo here on the site and in our various social network locations like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

As we work toward better integration between and ConversationalGeek, you’ll see more and more changes. But, we’ll also be keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening and when. To stay informed of what’s up and what’s happening, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – or use the site’s subscription notification service.

Things are definitely getting exciting again and we can’t wait to show you everything that’s planned.


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A community professional, keynoter, and evangelist who has driven social media and marketing strategies, editorial successes, delivered customer successes and built some of the largest and longest-running online communities. Rod has created, managed and grown small, medium, and mega-sized conferences; run entire editorial teams to deliver record traffic and market leadership; as product manager, directed the success of hundreds of product releases; supported sales and marketing to ensure customer success; developed, run and sold businesses; written thousands of technical articles, white papers, case studies, and technical documentation; hosted and delivered hundreds of attendance shattering webinars and virtual tradeshows; and delivered keynote speeches and sessions at a wide variety of events including conferences, webinars, events, and user groups.

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