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Community Solution: Dealing with stuck installation of a remote DP

Here’s a great solution when dealing with a failed installation of a remote Distribution Point.

Original post link:  dealing with "stuck" installation of remote DP


Background: I initiated the creation of a new site system server to install the DP role only at a remote location. The site system installation account’s password changed and I discovered the installation was failing when I checked back on it due to someone turning a misconfigured firewall on at the target host. I disabled the firewall and reset the site system installation accounts password back to what it was previously when the installation was first initiated (I think), but the installation continues to fail login against the target server. I can log the installation account in manually just fine, and it is in administrators. I noticed that the folder structure did get created on the C:\ drive of the target system, but 4 days later the console still shows no roles installed for the system, and I get an error message when trying to delete it. Content distribution to the DP actually seems to work.



I got this resolved a while back with MS Support. If you have a similar situation where the install target (host) is unreachable during the install attempt, it can create a ton of messy rows in the DB that the console cannot interpret and they have to be deleted. MS support gave me the following and it did get things moving again; before you do this, I’d really recommend you go through MS Support first.
SELECT ServerName, Props, DATALENGTH(Props) FROM vSMS_SC_SysResUse_SDK
WHERE SiteCode = ‘Your Site Code Here’ AND RoleName = ‘SMS Distribution Point’

#this query below should return 3 rows after reinstallation of the DP role completes. The result set for this query should not be getting
#bigger and bigger (returning more rows than previously) with BindExcept entries
SELECT * FROM vSMS_SC_SysResUse_PropertyLists 
where ID = (select ID from vSMS_SC_SysResUse_SDK where NALPath like ‘%Computer You Are Trying to Install DP On%’ and RoleName = ‘SMS Distribution Point’) 

delete from vSMS_SC_SysResUse_PropertyLists 
where Name = ‘BindExcept’ and ID = (select ID from vSMS_SC_SysResUse_SDK where NALPath like ‘%Computer You Are Trying to Install DP On%’ and RoleName = ‘SMS Distribution Point’) 

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