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Collect SMART hard drive status in ConfigMgr inventory

WIN32_DiskDrive contains this info under the status field.  It does not appear to be enabled by default (might just be the environment I am looking at)

I would suggest ensuring that the following are enabled
• Caption
• Status
• Capabilities (Optional to see if bit 10 is set – SMART enabled)
PowerShell example
$wmi = gwmi -class win32_diskdrive
foreach($drive in $wmi){
$drive.caption + “: ” + $drive.status

WMIC DiskDrive GET Caption,status
The above is useful form a Task Sequence 🙂
MS Source:

Data type: uint16 array
Access type: Read-only
Array of capabilities of the media access device. For example, the device may support random access (3), removable media (7), and automatic cleaning (9). This property is inherited from CIM_MediaAccessDevice.
Value Meaning
10 SMART Notification

Data type: string
Access type: Read-only
Qualifiers: MaxLen (10)
Current status of the object. Various operational and nonoperational statuses can be defined. Operational statuses include: “OK”, “Degraded”, and “Pred Fail” (an element, such as a SMART-enabled hard disk drive, may be functioning properly but predicting a failure in the near future). Nonoperational statuses include: “Error”, “Starting”, “Stopping”, and “Service”. The latter, “Service”, could apply during mirror-resilvering of a disk, reload of a user permissions list, or other administrative work. Not all such work is online, yet the managed element is neither “OK” nor in one of the other states. This property is inherited from CIM_ManagedSystemElement.
Values are:
“Pred Fail”
“No Contact”
“Lost Comm”

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  1. Great! By how i can get this information at reports?

    For examle – i want a simle report computername-hhdname-status ?

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