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Lookout ConfigMgr Admins, Windows Monthly Updates are Gonna Get Huge

Written for Adaptiva by Cliff Hobbs, Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility and Founder and CEO of One of the biggest pain points in maintaining any IT infrastructure is keeping it up to date. A vendor software update may be fixing a bug, addressing reliability issue, plugging a security vulnerability, or sometimes adding minor features/enhancements between major releases. Prior to Windows 10 we have been able to selectively decide which updates we want to install rather than a blanket “install all” approach. This selective approach though has given us problems. Probably the biggest issue is that you can potentially end up with different machines having different patch combinations installed across your estate. This does not help in large environments where you are trying to keep...

Windows activation fails and may generate error code 0x8004FE33

These issues may occur when you connect to the Internet through a proxy server on which Basic authentication is enabled.

Tips for App-V 5.0 Sequencer Configuration

When it comes to setting up a good configuration for an App-V 5.0 SP2 (or later) sequencer, the items below are typically what I like to establish.  This list may not be fully complete and could be added to over time.  Optionally, if you have any recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment below! […]

ConfigMgr: Windows 7 32-bit and Software Updates

Posted in CM2012ConfigMgrKB'sSCCMWindows 7Pretty nasty bug out there right now with 32-bit Windows 7 and Software Updates.  If you are struggling with getting your clients to download/install updates.  Check your WindowsUpdate.log, if you see the following error: WARNING: ISusInternal::GetUpdateMetadata2 failed, hr=8007000E Then I’d strongly encourage you to apply the following KB/Hotfix (KB3050265).  Here is also a great article […]

SCCM 2012 Easy Naming Convention

Hello, A while ago I was on a project that needed to quickly adopt a simple and...

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