Windows 10

Windows as a Service: What Does Windows 10 Mean for Your Business?

"Upgrades may break apps", that's the issue that enterprises face every time they introduce new operating systems or platforms into their enterprise environment. Maturing your Application Readiness process will empower your organization to keep up with Windows updates and ensure compatibility and predictability of your application service delivery.

Internet Explorer 11 Can Ease Your Windows 10 Migration

Web browsing in Windows 10 will provide more flexibility to enterprises and the new operating system will ship with two internet browsers. To prepare for the move to Windows 10, many organizations will need to upgrade and replace aging versions of Internet Explorer (IE). To understand the scope of the browser migration issue, we polled our recent webinar audience and asked what versions they where still supporting in their organizations. The results show that many companies still run a number of older IE versions that all will reach their end of support in just a few months (January 2016). A...

Simplifying Your Windows 10 OS Deployment with an Enterprise App Store

By Jason Snook, Practice Manager at Flexera Software Later this summer, Microsoft will release Windows 10. Windows 10 is a unified platform that runs on computer devices, tablets, and mobile phones, and enterprises are expected to widely adopt the new platform. Unfortunately, some enterprises view OS migrations as a single point in time event and most of the solutions and processes they developed for the Windows 7 migration were thrown away, and must be developed again for the next migration project. This is extremely costly and leaves no lasting solution, or value for continually updating systems and applications. When delivering...

Will Windows 10 be the straw that breaks IT’s back?

By Tom Canning, Vice-President, APAC, Flexera Software Windows 10 and its as-a-service approach signal a challenging new paradigm for IT departments. The release of the Windows 10 operating system later this year will spell havoc for enterprise IT. It’s likely that already overstretched IT departments will reach breaking point as Windows 10 introduces the idea of Windows as a service - marking a shift away from three- to four-year operating systems updates to continuous, incremental delivery of new functionality. Given that software drives business today, typically about 30% of an organization's applications require upgrades and migrations every year - even...

Application Compatibility in Windows 10: Can one app really run everywhere?

Windows 10 is coming with Microsoft's big vision of universal apps, but in the unique world of enterprise environments compatibility issues will still be an issue for some time to come.

AdminStudio Customer Advisory Board @MSIgnite

This week at the Microsoft Ignite conference we held an exclusive event for AdminStudio customers to provide input into the future direction of the product and understand first hand the challenges that our customers are looking to solve. Ken Hilker, Senior Product Manager, presented on the road map for AdminStudio and facilitated a good discussion of the Application Readiness process as it relates to Windows 10, mobile application management, and keeping up with the faster release cycles of software vendors. If you were unable to make it to Ignite, we have another event coming up on June 3rd in Boston,...

Windows 10 Comes with a Faster Update and Upgrade Pace – Will You Be Ready?

Flexera's biggest customers have already started planning and they are being motivated by the need to move more of their devices from 32 to 64-bit apps, and the ability to run Windows 10 across all their devices. They feel like Win10 will be the last “big release” and want to automate their Application Readiness process to be ready for the feature update releases that will start to come more quickly.

The Enterprise Application Lifecycle: Self-Service Deployment and Lowering TCO

Don't miss this webinar with Redmond Magazine, register now The Enterprise Application Lifecycle: It’s Costing You More Than You Know Managing applications used to be a simple “one every few years” exercise of deploying Windows and Office to desktops. Today’s complex daily mix of physical, virtual and mobile application management, is anything but simple. More frequent releases and regular end of life announcements for Windows, Windows Server, and Internet Explorer complicate matters even more. With user demand for more applications, more devices, and expectations of faster response times on the rise, it is nearly impossible to keep up. Shadow IT,...

Get Ready for Windows 10: Join Flexera Software at Microsoft Ignite

With Microsoft Ignite just a few days away, now is the time to start planning for the impending release of Windows 10. Join Flexera Software at Ignite to learn how to do more with AdminStudio and App Portal, and make the Windows 10 roll out at your organization faster and with a better user experience than previous Windows migrations.

Microsoft SCCM – new version will be released to support Windows 10

Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of program management for Microsoft's Windows Server and System Center Group, recently gave a keynote address at the 2015 System Center Universe in Dallas. He assured the audience that Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the on-premise PC management solution of choice for Miscrosoft

Windows 10 Will Ship With Two Browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and Spartan

AdminStudio Suite helps customers quickly test and remediate application compatibility issues for IE 8, 9, 10, and 11, and more. We work with Microsoft and other vendors to ensure compatibility and supportability for a wide range of applications and platforms, including virtual and mobile. With the right solutions and automation in place, customers can maintain a process for continual Application Readiness, keep up with new releases, and never have to worry about being forced into transition by products that have reached their end of support.

Service Delivery: Streamlining Application Readiness in Complex Environments

Streamlining the Application Readiness Process in Complex Environments from Flexera Software Try AdminStudio Suite for repackaging and editing MSIs, and more. Convert applications to leading virtualization formats, test applications for compatibility, and asses mobile apps for risk and OS compatibility. Download the free trial. - See more at: Try AdminStudio Suite for repackaging and editing MSIs, and more. Convert applications to leading virtualization formats, test applications for compatibility, and asses mobile apps for risk and OS compatibility. Download the free trial. - See more at: Try AdminStudio Suite for repackagi...