Windows 10

Automating Dell BIOS-UEFI Standards for Windows 10

If you are starting to deploy Windows 10 (or are currently deploying Windows 8/8.1), then now is the time to make the switch to UEFI.  A system needs to be configured for UEFI (without Compatibility Support Module being enabled) in order to take advantage of Secure Boot (and other Windows 10 security features like Device Guard).  Secure Boot prevents loading of drivers and OS loaders that are not signed with a certified digital signature, thus preventing malware and root kits that alter the boot process.

Shortcut Keys for Windows 10

This guide lists shortcut keys that you can use from the desktop in Windows 10. Download:  

Announcing Backup of Windows 10 machines using Azure Backup

Windows 10 client machines can now be backed up seamlessly to cloud by Azure Backup service. Customers with machines running Windows 10 (64-bit) operating systems can protect their important file-folder data to Azure in a secure manner and restore data on any machine.

Podcast: Best Practices for Managing Windows 10

In this podcast, Brad talks with Mark Florida (Principal Program Manager of ConfigMgr) about best practices for successfully managing Windows 10 with EMS and ConfigMgr.

Podcast: Best Practices for Deploying Windows 10

In this podcast, Brad speaks with Mark Florida (Principal Program Manager of ConfigMgr) about best practices for successfully (and painlessly!) deploying Windows 10.

Managing Windows 10 with EMS & ConfigMgr

One great piece of news at the outset of Windows 10 is that it can be managed from your existing infrastructure – i.e. ConfigMgr 2012 and ConfigMgr 2012 R2. Windows 10 also continues support for Group Policy and WMI, and it advances its MDM support in significant ways. With the Unified Windows Platform, for example, the MDM capabilities will be present and consistent on all Windows 10 devices and form factors.

Deploying Windows 10 with ConfigMgr

To be totally transparent, I really don’t think we in the ConfigMgr team gave you the right tools to easily deploy Windows 8. One problem in particular was that, in order to deploy Windows 8, organizations had to first upgrade to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager in order to perform an OS upgrade (since ConfigMgr 2007 did not provide this functionality). What a pain!  I heard from many of you about the challenges this caused – often in no uncertain terms. I’m happy to say that we are in a much different place with Windows 10.  

The Best Deployment & Management for Windows 10

When organizations begin planning to adopt and deploy a new version of Windows, many view this planning process as an opportunity to step back and really examine their overall Windows management strategy. It’s also a time for the organization to make significant/long-term strategy and process changes.

Adjusting the Network Protocol Bindings in Windows 10

With Windows 10, you may not see an ‘Adapters and Bindings’ dialog box. Even if you get the ‘Adapters and Bindings’ dialog box, when you make adjustments to the binding order and save, and you re-open the Adapters and Bindings dialog box, you will notice that your changes do not persist.

Windows 10, Azure AD and Microsoft Intune: Automatic MDM enrollment powered by the cloud

By combining login, Azure AD Join and Intune MDM enrollment in one easy step, we’ve made it drop dead simple to bring devices into well managed state that complies with your corporate policies.

Configuring Default Checkpoint type in Windows 10

When I talk about this to some people – they are concerned because they prefer our previous checkpoint behavior.  Fortunately, it is still available for people who want it.

Free Windows 10 Training Event Friday, Aug 14th – Live Jumpstart Online

Tomorrow, Friday, August 14th, there will be free online training event for Windows 10 in the Enterprise hosted by Microsoft Technical Evangelist Simon May.   The methods for provisioning and managing devices are changing rapidly with Windows 10.   There are opportunities to drastically rethink the way devices receive compliance settings, software, and updates which allow IT organizations to be far more agile than they have been. Improvements to Azure AD Domain Join, Microsoft Intune, and a slew of other cloud technologies also have the potential for changing the way IT challenges had been overcome in the past.   Check this session out for everything you need to get your IT organization ready for Windows 10 in the enterprise. Simon will talk about changes to deployment, servicing...