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Windows and Office deployment intro

Join Microsoft CVP Brad Anderson to discover the benefits of Windows 10 and Office 365, major changes and considerations versus previous deployments and best practices to ensure a smooth transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. In this introduction we’ll outline what has changed and go on a tour of the Desktop Deployment Wheel. This will guide you through the recommended steps for your shift to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus, detailing how to leverage your existing tools and processes while adopting modern management technology and approaches along the way.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Office 365

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) (aka 2-step verification) can help protect Office 365 end users should your organization be targeted by cyber criminals.  But there is a caveat that IT admins should be aware of. The Background Currently Microsoft has about 160 million commercial customers on Office 365 with over a billion end users.  Talk about a target rich environment.  Every Office 365 end-user account doesn’t just let a user access one solution, but ALL solutions within the Office 365 platform that are attached to that user.  That account login information is the key to accessing all of those solutions such as email, OneDrive, corporate SharePoint Online and more.  The majority (90%) of all attacks on an organization come through email in the form of impersonation attacks, ransomware,...

New Windows 10 and Office 365 management and user experiences for 2019

Microsoft CVP, Brad Anderson, takes you through the latest updates to support modern experiences across devices with Windows 10 and Office 365. In this show, Brad demonstrates cold-booting his personal, highly-managed and secured Windows 10 device in under 20 seconds. We’ll also show you new options to get to managed remote Windows sessions and apps across devices using the new Windows Virtual Desktop. And we show new streamlined management experiences for Microsoft 365 administrators as well as what you can do to set baseline protections and device configurations quickly using built-in Security Baselines in Microsoft Intune. To sign up for the Windows Virtual Desktop Preview at: Enable updates to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at:

Microsoft Delivers the Consistency Agent for Exchange Online to Keep Things Clean and Regular

Microsoft has identified a couple of glaring issues with Exchange Online that can potentially cause customers problems. The first issue is stale permissions due to deleted user accounts, and the second is a buildup of email because public folder pointers are no longer accurate. To solve both of these issues, Microsoft has now deployed an automatic agent called the Public Folder Consistency Agent. There’s nothing customers need to do to utilize this new agent as it’s already been deployed and is currently running. Per Microsoft, it runs on the following schedule: For mail-enabled public folders, the agent runs every day to keep the MEPF updated and avoid any mail delivery issues. And stale permissions entries are checked for and removed once every 7 days.

Microsoft Introduces an Outsourced Security Service for Office 365 Customers

In addition to releasing it’s Azure-based AI threat investigation and reporting tool, Azure Sentinel, today Microsoft has also announced a new managed threat hunting service for Office 365 tenants. But, unlike Azure Sentinel which relies heavily on AI, this other service for Office 365 has a deeply human component. Called Microsoft Threat Experts, the service allows companies to partner with Microsoft security workers to head-off potentially damaging intrusions. This initial release offers the following two components (with more coming): Targeted attack notifications: Alerts that are tailored to organizations provide as much information as can be quickly delivered to bring attention to critical threats in their network, including the timeline, scope of the breach, and the methods of ...

5 Key Office 365 Migration Reminders

Microsoft wants your migration to Office 365 to go as smoothly as possible.  They’ve spent a great deal of time working on making it a streamlined process with fewer errors to worry about.  Recently Microsoft released a new Hybrid Agent public preview that is part of the Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard and allows you to choose between an Exchange Classic Hybrid Topology and an Exchange Modern Hybrid Topology.  Learn more about this new Hybrid agent here. Prior to making the move to Office 365, I like to give a few recommendations depending on the size of your organization and the current configuration with your on-premises Exchange environment.  Here are 5 reminders: Revise Legacy Domains:  Many organizations are still working off legacy domain design that goes back nearly a s...

Microsoft Takes the Wraps off the New Office App for Windows 10, Rolling Out Over the Next Few Weeks

Microsoft has had a new front-end Office app in preview since December of 2018 and the company has now brandished it a viable offering for consumption. According to a blog post announcement today… The Office app is free to use and simple to access. It will become available to users on a rolling basis over the next few weeks and will be installed automatically as an update to the MyOffice app, which comes pre-installed as part of Windows. Just search for “Office” in the search bar of the Windows start menu to open it. The app will also be available from the Microsoft Store at this link: Office The link still downloads the old version as its not been updated yet, but according to Microsoft will be updated with the new app soon. The app works with any Office 365 subscription, Office 201...

Office 2019: The last of the dated Offices?

Continuing the typical cadence of Office releases, Office 2019 comes 3 years on the heels of Office 2016 (which followed from 2013, which followed from 2010, and 2007 and 2003 and so it goes). Office 2019 didn’t hit with a bang (nor a whimper) but somewhat of a ‘meh’ due in part to the fact that most of the features that would typically be viewed as “new” and “exciting” were already available in the subscription-based flavors of Office that come with Office 365 subscriptions.  The only reason one would buy Office 2019 would be to pay a one-time fee and avoid the subscription.  Unfortunately, that would mean new features released to subscribers would not be coming to Office 2019 users.  Some aren’t too concerned over that because they wonder &...

Tip: List of Office 365 IPs Required to be Whitelisted

Microsoft provides a page resource where the company manages the URLs and IP addresses that are use to service Office 365 to its customers. Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges However, Microsoft will be phasing out this resource by October 2, 2018. After that date, a new web service will be used that publishes Office 365 endpoints to make it easier for customers to evaluate, configure, and stay up to date with changes. See: Microsoft Phasing Out Office 365 URLs and IP Address Ranges Resource on October 2, 2018 Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

Microsoft Phasing Out Office 365 URLs and IP Address Ranges Resource on October 2, 2018

Currently, Microsoft provides a web page resource that provides the List of Office 365 IPs Required to be Whitelisted. As of October 2, 2018, this resource will be deprecated (along with the XML document and RSS feed) in lieu of a REST-based web service.  This new service will be used to publish Office 365 endpoints to make it easier for customers to evaluate, configure, and stay up to date with changes. As a customer or a network perimeter device vendor, you can build against the new REST-based web service for the Office 365 IP address and FQDN entries. For the latest version of the Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges, use For the data on the Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges page for firewalls and proxy servers, use

Manage SharePoint Online Subscriptions Using This PowerShell Module

Microsoft has made available an updated PowerShell module that enhances the Office 365 administrator’s ability to manage subscriptions. The SharePoint Online Management Shell has a new Windows PowerShell module that lets O365 administrators manage their SharePoint Online subscription using PowerShell. The focus is around site collection management. Download: SharePoint Online Management Shell Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

Tip: See Where Your Company’s Office 365 Data is Stored by Geography

Depending on your company’s geographical location, there will be certain data rules that must be observed based on residency requirements and regulations. Microsoft supplies a web-based tool to allow you to determine where you company’s data might exist. Link: Where is your data located?   Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

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