UPDATE: How this Inventory Script makes your ConfigMgr life easier

Do you know my original Powershell inventory (or documentation) script for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager / SCCM / CM12 (whatever you call it)? I originally wrote it for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 and it’s available here: Document your ConfigMgr 2012 R2 environment I am now happy to present you with an update of my script specifically written for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager. Feel happy to test this in your ConfigMgr environment, distribute it wherever you like (at least tell people where you got it from, I don’t want any money ) and give me feedback on any issues you find! What’s new? full SC 2012 ConfigMgr … Continue reading →

How to convert ConfigMgr Applications to Packages with Powershell

I guess this isn’t really a common scenario in many environments, but i recently had to write a script which converts applications to packages. Why? Because of this: This customer planned to use Applications for all scenarios but now had to revert to using Packages during Task Sequences, at least stand-alone media Task Sequences. They already had all software built with the new App model and were quite reluctant to go back to Packages, because they feared the work to convert the Applications to Packages. I built them this script in 2 hours and now they can convert all the apps they want into Packages and use them in … Continue reading →

Multiple copy of Applications during ConfigMgr Task Sequence

SCCM Task Sequence issue in stand alone media I am currently working with a customer that has a strange issue during ConfigMgr standalone media Task Sequences provided to remote workers. The issue is happening during installation of applications, which are installed as part of the Task Sequence. The issue is around the copy of sources into the cache and with this customer is happening since version 2012 SP1 and is still there in R2. What’s happening is that all the applications inside the Task Sequence get copied into the client’s cache multiple times. Right now there are 24 applications inside this Task Sequence, they are put into 4 different “Install … Continue reading →

How to find ConfigMgr Collection membership of client via Powershell?

During my session today at the ConfigMgr User Group in Zurich / CH I demoed a little Powershell function which will output all the Collection Names a device is a member of. Unfortunately, this cannot be done by default from the Admin Console. I know there are Console extensions doing EXACTLY the same, but I know of people who don’t want to install any extensions not made available by the vendor. This is why I wrote this little snippet which in turn can easily be turned into a function. 1: $ResID = (Get-CMDevice -Name "CLTwin7").ResourceID 2: $Collections = (Get-WmiObject -Class sms_fullcollectionmembership -Namespace rootsmssite_HQ1 -Filter "ResourceID = '$($ResID)'").CollectionID 3: foreach ($Collection … Continue reading →

ConfigMgr User Group Meeting in Zurich – my session

ConfigMgr User Group session slides For all of those who attended my session (or those who didn’t), here are the slides for my “ConfigMgr 2012 R2 & Powershell – Tips & Tricks & Tools”. For all those interested, I also attached a demo document created by my Inventory script. I talked a lot more than just what is on the slides, but if you weren’t there, you missed that Thanks everybody for this great day in Zurich (which actually isn’t the Swiss Capital!) Download:

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