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Office 365 and SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs)

A 2018 market guide from Gartner I recently read had me quite curious due to the use of a new acronym in the Office 365 bolt-on marketplace.  They call these solutions SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs).  Ultimately these are management solutions for cloud services (e.g. Office 365, G Suite, etc.) that focus on six functional categories: administration, IT role-based access control, policy management, license management, workflow automation and reporting. Just from an Office 365 perspective it’s easy to see why a third-party solution might help to fill some of the management gaps left in the native Admin Console.  Often to perform tasks like on-boarding/off-boarding (or provisioning and deprovisioning) we find ourselves moving from one console to another manually, or using PowerShell scripts...

July 2019 Microsoft Non-security Updates Available Today

If you’re still updating Office apps that are installed completely local using MSIs, there’s a few updates for you today. Office 2016 Update for Microsoft Access 2016 (KB4462237) Update for Microsoft Office 2016 (KB4032236) Update for Microsoft Office 2016 (KB4464582) Update for Microsoft Office 2016 (KB4464595) Update for Microsoft Office 2016 Language Interface Pack (KB4475515) Update for Microsoft Project 2016 (KB4475518) Update for Microsoft Word 2016 (KB4475521) Office 2013 Update for Microsoft Word 2013 (KB4475525) Office 2010 Update for Microsoft Filter Pack 2.0 (KB3114879) Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB3114397)

Tip: Testing Your Security Hardening with an Office 365 Attack Simulation

Did you know that Microsoft provides and Attack Simulator for Office 365? If you are an Office 365 global administrator and your organization has Office 365 Threat Investigation and Response capabilities, you can use Attack Simulator to run realistic attack scenarios in your organization. This can help you identify and find vulnerable users before a real attack impacts your bottom line. There are three different simulations that can be run: Display name spear-phishing attack Password-spray attack Brute-force password attack See: Attack Simulator in Office 365

Office Update KB4462238 Causes Apps to Freeze When Clicking Hyperlinks

Microsoft rolled out its normal fare of first-Tuesday Office updates this week. However, one of those updates, KB4462238, causes problems. After this update is installed, clicking a hyperlink in an Office application, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook, may cause the application to stop working.  Microsoft recommends uninstalling the update if the problem is experienced. Knowing Microsoft’s update history the way we do here at myITforum, we recommend just uninstalling it and waiting for a proper fix. Well, in reality, we always recommend waiting a few days after an update is publicly available to hear about the fallout before deciding to move forward.  

Non-security Microsoft Office Updates for May 2019 Now Available

Microsoft’s monthly updates for Office – the one’s that generally kick-off each month on the 1st Tuesday – are now available. These are updates for fixing bugs and adding features, and not necessarily to solve security woes. Here’s whats’s available now… Office 2010 Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 KB4464524 Office 2013 Update for Microsoft Office 2013 KB4011677 Update for Microsoft Outlook 2013 KB4464546 Update for Skype for Business 2015 (Lync 2013) KB4464547 Update for Microsoft Word 2013 KB4464545 Office 2016 Update for Microsoft Office 2016 KB4461477 Update for Microsoft Office 2016 KB4462119 Update for Microsoft Office 2016 KB4461441 Update for Microsoft Office 2016 KB2902717 Update for Microsoft Office 2016 KB4462238 Update for Microsoft Of...

10 time saving tips and tricks with Outlook mobile

Join the Outlook mobile team LIVE every month for a webinar that will highlight cool tips and tricks that save you time and spark joy. You also get to ask any questions and share feedback with the team directly. Two live events still left: 10 time saving tips and tricks with Outlook mobile Visit the link to view the previous events on-demand.

Microsoft 365 update for March 2019

Based on CVP, Microsoft 365 Kirk Koenigsbauer’s monthly New to Microsoft 365 communication, Jim Naroski covers recent enhancement to Microsoft 365 and Office 365. See the companion blog for resources. Kirk Koenigsbauer blog: Companion blog:  

Office 365: Microsoft M/CSPs taking reporting and consumption into their own hands

It’s one thing to be a reseller, get an order for Office 365, and get your customer a portal set up and their users in the cloud. It’s another thing for those users to consume whole-heartedly the new set of communication and collaboration tools now placed at their fingertips. And without consumption, the need for higher priced license types (E3 for example) become an unnecessary expense. In addition, Office 365 doesn’t provide easy visibility into the ways an organization and its users are using Office 365. On the admin side there are PowerShell scripts you can run to gather intel and automate tasks to a degree, but let’s face it, PowerShell is more an old-school admins sandbox. Many Office 365 “admins” are office power users that have been “promoted” (so to speak) as caretakers of the Off...

Visio Pro Online Subscription Gets New Name and Updated Pricing

Microsoft has altered how it delivers Visio Pro and also modified the subscription base. First off though, there’s a name change. Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 will now be known as Microsoft Visio Online Plan 2. Visio Online Plan 2 includes Visio Online, an always up-to-date Visio desktop application, and 2GB of OneDrive storage making it Visio’s most powerful diagramming suite to date. Visio comes with a robust library of built-in and third-party templates and shapes, as well as integrated collaboration tools, so your team can work together—virtually anytime, anywhere. Store and share your diagrams and processes online and access them on the go, from nearly any device. Link your shapes and diagrams to data from popular internal and external sources to visualize real-time inform...

CVE-2019-0784 Keeps Microsoft Project from Opening Certain Files

Microsoft is warning customers that use Microsoft Project and have installed CVE-2019-0784 (a recent security update for aWindows ActiveX Remote Code Execution Vulnerability), may not be able to open certain files anymore. The issue is with Microsoft Project files with spaces in the name. We are investigating and hopefully will soon get a fix for this, but depending which part we need to fix (client, server or service) it could take a while before it is available in an update or your distribution channel.  There are workarounds – you can still open just fine by opening the client Project application and then File, Open to select the project, or you could just rename the plan and remove the space(s).  So far, there’s no promised date for the ultimate fix.

Microsoft Produces a Special Site to Assist Organizations in their Exchange Deployments

Obviously, Microsoft would love to have its customers migrate all existing Exchange environments to the cloud. But, for many customers, that’s still not a feasible solution for a variety of reasons – some that are valid, some that are not. Microsoft has now produced and delivered a new “assistant” web site that shows the different Exchange deployment options side-by-side and provides the guidance for each type of method. The new site is: The first option, On-premises Exchange deployments, will go to the Deployment Assistant and all the on-premises deployment options you know and love today. You can select questions and answers to build checklists that help you deploy new Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016 organizations, or upgrade to th...

New Windows 10 and Office 365 management and user experiences for 2019

Microsoft CVP, Brad Anderson, takes you through the latest updates to support modern experiences across devices with Windows 10 and Office 365. In this show, Brad demonstrates cold-booting his personal, highly-managed and secured Windows 10 device in under 20 seconds. We’ll also show you new options to get to managed remote Windows sessions and apps across devices using the new Windows Virtual Desktop. And we show new streamlined management experiences for Microsoft 365 administrators as well as what you can do to set baseline protections and device configurations quickly using built-in Security Baselines in Microsoft Intune. To sign up for the Windows Virtual Desktop Preview at: Enable updates to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at: