Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Bringing together SCCM and Intune capabilities

See the evolution of device management, with the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Endpoint Manager brings together Configuration Manager and Intune in one unified, web-based experience. You’ll also see the evolution of our compatibility tools and services to ensure your devices, apps, add-ins and sites are always ready. Plus you’ll see new security baselines and Threat and Vulnerability Management to help bring IT and security teams together.

Announcing Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Learn more about how we’re integrating Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager, and more into a single solution called Microsoft Endpoint Manager. In this video, Brad Anderson walks through the details on what Microsoft Endpoint Manager is, and why Microsoft is moving towards an integrated management solution.

Microsoft Eliminates SCCM and Intune, Combines Management Tools into Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft today at Ignite has renamed and combined all of its management tools into a single set of tools with a more modern name. Gone is the name SCCM and Intune. Instead…meet Microsoft Endpoint Manager. One big announcement was bringing together all of the Microsoft management solutions under a common brand – Microsoft Endpoint Manager.  Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the single management solution to manage and empower your users across all of their devices.  ConfigMgr, Intune, Desktop Analytics, Co-Management, Device Management Admin Console, … now are Microsoft Endpoint Manager.  For many of you, your destination may be all-cloud.  For many others of you, your destination may be ConfigMgr and Intune working together in co-management.  Both are destinations and will be full...

Microsoft Releases a Cumulative Update for Windows Autopilot Issues

Microsoft has delivered a full cumulative update for Windows Autopilot that all the existing Windows Autopilot fixes, but also includes fixes for the following: During Autopilot White Glove or self-deploying mode, TPM attestation fails to initiate if the device had just been through system preparation (Sysprep). In an edge scenario, Autopilot White Glove Hybrid Azure AD joined devices (AADJ) hangs on the provisioning page when the TPM is in a specific inconsistent state. The Autopilot White Glove provisioning page hangs when TPM attestation times out. When you reuse an existing layout file, the local network download provider and local profile are incorrectly used during an Autopilot deployment. The update is available through Windows Update. KB4523786

Microsoft’s Guided Scenarios for Intune Help Administrators Learn While Doing

For those that would like a little extra help understanding the start-to-finish processes for enabling certain functions and features for Intune, Microsoft has now started putting together what is calls “Guided Scenarios.” These Guided Scenarios walk the administrator through each step in performing certain actions. Available so far: Guided scenario – Deploy Microsoft Edge for Mobile Guided scenario – Cloud-managed Modern Desktop Guided scenario – Secure Microsoft Office mobile apps

Microsoft Intune: Admin Templates, Security Baselines, and BitLocker, oh my!

Microsoft today has taken the wraps off some much requested and much awaited functionality that brings the cloud-based management service even closer in line with its on-premises SCCM counterpart. Microsoft Intune announces general availability of security baselines Microsoft Intune announces general availability of administrative templates Microsoft expands BitLocker management capabilities for the enterprise The lines between on-premises and cloud-based management are blurring monthly.

Windows and Office deployment intro

Join Microsoft CVP Brad Anderson to discover the benefits of Windows 10 and Office 365, major changes and considerations versus previous deployments and best practices to ensure a smooth transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. In this introduction we’ll outline what has changed and go on a tour of the Desktop Deployment Wheel. This will guide you through the recommended steps for your shift to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus, detailing how to leverage your existing tools and processes while adopting modern management technology and approaches along the way.

How to Deploy PowerShell Scripts using Microsoft Intune

Steve and Adam had a fun time trying out deploying a PowerShell script on Microsoft Intune clients.

Windows Autopilot: White Glove

A look at the new Windows Autopilot capability called white glove. Whether you run IT for an organization or you’re a vendor providing IT service, white glove, allows you to pre-provision applications, policies, and settings for a Windows 10 device, so users can be up and running on a new Windows 10 computer in a few moments. Also, the latest Windows 10 Autopilot features that we’ve delivered in Windows 10 1809 and beyond.

FAQ: Device Check-in Schedules for Intune

Intune managed clients will checkin-in about every 8 hours to see if there are any new policies, profiles, or apps that have been assigned. Clients include iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10 PCs enrolled as devices, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.1. The 8-hours is an estimate. It doesn’t happen at exactly every 8-hours due to how the device is being used. To get the best results, make sure make the devices are online for at least eight consecutive hours to get the best results.

Tip: Keep Track of What’s on the Development Roadmap for Microsoft Intune

Microsoft now has a page dedicated to what is in the development pipeline for Microsoft Intune. The first entry is September 2019, but the same page will be updated as time goes on. Link: In development for Microsoft Intune RSS feed:

Reminder: Windows 10 Mobile Support Ends December 10, 2019

Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709 (released October 2017) is the last release of Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft will end support on December 10, 2019. The end of support date applies to all Windows 10 Mobile products, including Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise. Windows 10 Mobile users will no longer be eligible to receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft. Those utilizing products like Intune for mobile management may want to configure policies to block these devices once EOL hits so as to better secure the environment.

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