Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Bringing together SCCM and Intune capabilities

See the evolution of device management, with the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Endpoint Manager brings together Configuration Manager and Intune in one unified, web-based experience. You’ll also see the evolution of our compatibility tools and services to ensure your devices, apps, add-ins and sites are always ready. Plus you’ll see new security baselines and Threat and Vulnerability Management to help bring IT and security teams together.

Announcing Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Learn more about how we’re integrating Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager, and more into a single solution called Microsoft Endpoint Manager. In this video, Brad Anderson walks through the details on what Microsoft Endpoint Manager is, and why Microsoft is moving towards an integrated management solution.

Microsoft Eliminates SCCM and Intune, Combines Management Tools into Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft today at Ignite has renamed and combined all of its management tools into a single set of tools with a more modern name. Gone is the name SCCM and Intune. Instead…meet Microsoft Endpoint Manager. One big announcement was bringing together all of the Microsoft management solutions under a common brand – Microsoft Endpoint Manager.  Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the single management solution to manage and empower your users across all of their devices.  ConfigMgr, Intune, Desktop Analytics, Co-Management, Device Management Admin Console, … now are Microsoft Endpoint Manager.  For many of you, your destination may be all-cloud.  For many others of you, your destination may be ConfigMgr and Intune working together in co-management.  Both are destinations and will be full...