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Enabling Collections in Microsoft Edge Dev

The latest update to the Edge Dev build brings the Collections feature to the browser. But its not available for use by default. Its still an experimental feature so to use it, you must first enable it through Flags. In the Edge browser address field, go to: edge://flags/#edge-collections Once there, turn the feature on by changing it to Enabled… The browser will need to be restarted for the change to take effect, but once restarted, the Collections icon is now available on the top of the browser and also in Settings. Collections is an awesome feature, allowing you to collect research data and other things. For example, the following is an example of collecting information on Azure Storage Explorer. As you can see, you can “collect” anything from links, pages, and also pa...

You Can Now Clear Browsing Data on Close with Edge Developer

The latest update for Microsoft’s Edge with Chromium Developer release includes a new feature to allow you to customize the content that is deleted when you close the web browser. This is a pretty nominal feature included with any browser these days, but Edge goes a bit farther by allowing you to choose the things that are removed. To configure it, go to…  Settings > Privacy and services > “Choose what to clear every time you close the browser”  

Edge with Chromium Releases for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1

Microsoft has now made available Canary versions of its Edge with Chromium web browser available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Today we are excited to make preview builds from the Microsoft Edge Canary channel available on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.  The first Canary builds do have a few known issues, including the lack of dark mode support and no support for AAD sign-in, which we are working to resolve soon. If you need help or support, just press F1 from within Microsoft Edge Canary or Dev to visit our support website. Get it:

Microsoft Switches Microsoft Edge Dev Build Releases to Tuesdays

Microsoft today has switched the day that it will deliver its Dev Build updates for its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser beta.

Microsoft Releases Edge Insider Canary Build for Mac

As promised, Microsoft today has started its unveil of its latest Edge browser for Mac. Today, the Canary channel is available, but the Dev channel is reportedly planned very soon. Canary is the channel that is updated daily – meaning users will probably experience the most bugs but also get the latest features first. Dev is updated weekly, and Beta gets update every 6 weeks. Mac users can download the latest Canary build today here: Microsoft Edge Insider Channels Microsoft has now officially announced this release: Introducing the first Microsoft Edge preview builds for macOS

Tip: Enabling Bookmarks Sync Between Edge with Chromium and Edge on Android

As part of its ongoing development effort, Microsoft this week added the ability for Android users running Microsoft Edge to synch bookmarks with the desktop counterpart for those participating in the Insider program for Microsoft Edge with Chromium. The option needs to be enabled on Android devices in the Edge browser settings, but once enabled, the desktop bookmarks show up quickly. To sync with Microsoft Insider Channels, sign in with your Microsoft Account, ensure that it is selected as your active account, go to Settings > Account and select your Microsoft account, then select Microsoft Edge Insider Channels > Switch. Currently, only Bookmarks are available for synching, but Microsoft is working on the other important things.

Tip: Manually Kick-off a Chromium-based Edge Update

If you want to update Microsoft Edge immediately, do this: Go to the Settings and more menu Choose Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. This will start an update check automatically.

Microsoft Edge Insider Builds Available for Windows 10

With versions coming for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and MacOS, Microsoft has made available Microsoft Edge Insider builds for Windows 10 users. The are three channels to choose from: Beta channel (updated every 6 weeks): The Beta channel will be the most stable Microsoft Edge preview experience. It will be here soon after we’ve had a chance to learn and improve on our other channels. Dev channel (updated weekly): Our dev builds are the best representation of our improvements in the past week. They have been tested by the Microsoft Edge team, and are generally more stable than Canary Canary channel (updated daily): Want to see what we were working on yesterday? Canary will be released automatically almost every night to keep you up to date on our progress. Join here: https://w...

Did Google Sabotage the Web to Force Developers to Adopt Chromium?

Microsoft was the latest company to announce that it would veer away from its current web browser developer platform and instead begin adopting Chromium. Chromium is an open source platform to ensure a more compatible web, however, it should be noted that even though it’s under the category of “open source,” Google owns the project and can have veto power over anything submitted. Microsoft’s announcement is a big one and leaves only Firefox as a major web browser still developing outside of Chromium. Hints of Microsoft Edge’s new Chromium-based nuances should start to filter out for testing in early 2019. But, one ex-Edge engineer says that its possible that Google sabotaged pieces of the web to deviously force web browser makers to adopt Chromium. “For ...

Microsoft Sheds Light on Remaining Questions Around Moving Edge to Chromium Including Chrome Extension Support

Microsoft is rarely completely clear when communicating product or direction changes. The primary reason is that things tend to change between inception and completion. It’s difficult to stick a hard target on a date and feature set when digging into the details can most times alter direction. The recent announcement that Microsoft will switch its web browser, Edge, to run on Chromium has left additional questions about how it will work. Microsoft has provided some clarification: Existing UWP apps (including PWAs in the Store) will continue to use EdgeHTML/Chakra without interruption. We don’t plan to shim under those with a different engine. We do expect to offer a new WebView that apps can choose to use based on the new rendering engine. We expect to provide support for PWAs ...

Want to Test the Chromium-infused Version of Microsoft Edge? Sign-up Here

As reported, Microsoft will be moving to Chromium as the basis for its own Microsoft Edge web browser. This allows the company to update the browser more often than Windows, make it more compatible with the real web, gain access to the thousands of extensions available, and make it available on more platforms (Windows 7, 8.1, and Mac). The company wants to jump-start the process for developers, to keep them on-board with upcoming changes. To do this, a new Microsoft Edge Insider program is now available and Microsoft is offering developers the change to participate: Calling all developers and tinkerers: your voices will help us shape the next version of Microsoft Edge. Sign up to be the first to know when preview builds are available. Sign-up here: Microsoft Edge Insider  

Microsoft Using Chromium to Enhance Edge, Not Replace It

UPDATE: After all the hubbub over this issue over the last few days, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has penned a blog post to better communicate his company’s direction for Microsoft Edge. See: Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration This communication falls directly in line with what we reported originally. New bits include that Microsoft will make this revamped Edge available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Mac. It will also be updated more regularly than Windows 10. This piece is a “has-to” component for Microsoft. There’s no other way to do it since Chromium is updated so regularly. Original article… According to sources, the news that Microsoft is replacing its Windows 10 browser, Edge, isn’t quite as accurate as...

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