Microsoft 365

Windows and Office deployment intro

Join Microsoft CVP Brad Anderson to discover the benefits of Windows 10 and Office 365, major changes and considerations versus previous deployments and best practices to ensure a smooth transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. In this introduction we’ll outline what has changed and go on a tour of the Desktop Deployment Wheel. This will guide you through the recommended steps for your shift to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus, detailing how to leverage your existing tools and processes while adopting modern management technology and approaches along the way.

Tip: Windows Autopilot Branding

This repository contains a sample Windows Installer (MSI) definition that can be used to customize Windows 10 devices via Windows Autopilot (although there’s no reason it can’t be used with other deployment processes, e.g. MDT or ConfigMgr).  

Tip: Testing Your Security Hardening with an Office 365 Attack Simulation

Did you know that Microsoft provides and Attack Simulator for Office 365? If you are an Office 365 global administrator and your organization has Office 365 Threat Investigation and Response capabilities, you can use Attack Simulator to run realistic attack scenarios in your organization. This can help you identify and find vulnerable users before a real attack impacts your bottom line. There are three different simulations that can be run: Display name spear-phishing attack Password-spray attack Brute-force password attack See: Attack Simulator in Office 365

Microsoft 365 update for March 2019

Based on CVP, Microsoft 365 Kirk Koenigsbauer’s monthly New to Microsoft 365 communication, Jim Naroski covers recent enhancement to Microsoft 365 and Office 365. See the companion blog for resources. Kirk Koenigsbauer blog: Companion blog:  

Microsoft News: March Updates for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Security and More

The Microsoft release cadence has become somewhat of a runaway train these days.  It’s near impossible to keep up with all the updates without help. Sometimes you need “just the facts”.  Microsoft is quite helpful in this regard and they sent us some news items (below).  In addition, they have their own blog site that is worth checking out to keep up with their cadence. One of the more exciting pieces of news revolves around the new features in Microsoft Teams.  One of the new features is the ability to replace your background during video chats.  You can put the company logo behind you or a cool picture or just blur the background.  Another new feature is support for an additional camera in Microsoft Teams Rooms so that you can show additional information (like analog wh...

New Windows 10 and Office 365 management and user experiences for 2019

Microsoft CVP, Brad Anderson, takes you through the latest updates to support modern experiences across devices with Windows 10 and Office 365. In this show, Brad demonstrates cold-booting his personal, highly-managed and secured Windows 10 device in under 20 seconds. We’ll also show you new options to get to managed remote Windows sessions and apps across devices using the new Windows Virtual Desktop. And we show new streamlined management experiences for Microsoft 365 administrators as well as what you can do to set baseline protections and device configurations quickly using built-in Security Baselines in Microsoft Intune. To sign up for the Windows Virtual Desktop Preview at: Enable updates to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at:

Tip: Building a Modern Desktop Deployment and Management Lab Kit

Microsoft provides a free full lab kit full of trial software to allow customers to plan, text, and validate modern desktops. Download from here: Modern Desktop Deployment and Management Lab Kit What’s included: Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1809 Windows 7 Office 365 ProPlus, Version 1901 System Center Configuration Manager, Version 1802 Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10, Version 1809 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.1 Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring 2.5 SP1 Windows Server 2016 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 The kit contains a step-by-step lab guide to help customer walk through various scenarios.