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DevOps – PowerShell in a Continuos Integration pipeline

This is a recording of my 20mins session at the last Melbourne System Center, Infrastructure and Security User Group. It is a quick dive into PowerShell Desired State Configuration (PSDSC), Pester Unit Testing, Source Control with Gitlab, a Continuous Integration TeamCity server and a short intro into NuGet Package Management. This all falls under the big topic DevOps. This video is more a teaser of what can be done, it’s not a complete guide (those will follow), nor did I talk about every single aspect of it. Also I might have missed a couple of steps here because of time constraints. Enjoy the recording and comments are obviously most welcome.

Get MMS right at home every month…making your own user group!

Last year at the Midwest Management Summit 2014 one of my overall favorite and most useful sessions to attend was the Get MMS Right at Home every month! session (pptx). It was basically a ‘how to create your own user group’ session. As a proud member of LouPOSH and now co-founder of LouSMUG, I love user groups! I find they are one of the best ways to give back to the community and get to know your peers. I took about a page of notes in this session and have implemented a lot of the suggestions in the local user groups I am a member of. These notes have been buried in my notebook since November, and after a few longstanding requests I am posting them for all to share. Post everywhere You can get a free Office 365 website! Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/G+, any and all social networking Related c...

ConfigMgr User Group Meeting in Zurich – my session

ConfigMgr User Group session slides For all of those who attended my session (or those who didn’t), here are the slides for my “ConfigMgr 2012 R2 & Powershell – Tips & Tricks & Tools”. For all those interested, I also attached a demo document created by my Inventory script. I talked a lot more than just what is on the slides, but if you weren’t there, you missed that Thanks everybody for this great day in Zurich (which actually isn’t the Swiss Capital!) Download:

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