Microsoft Putting Focus on a New Operating System with an Azure Backend

At Computex, Microsoft has used the announcements of its partners to launch a new path toward device management that is heavily based on Azure services. In a blog post, the company has outlined its efforts to move beyond Windows 10 and focus on its new Modern OS for the future of computing. According to the company’s vision, the future operating system will get seamless updates, will be secure by default, will be always connected, well performing, cloud-connected, utilize AI, will offer the fullest range of input options, and will be able to transform into multiple form factors. In the near term, Windows 10 will help push Microsoft’s customers toward an IoT future with the following core components: Windows 10 IoT Core enables manufacturers to get to market quickly with small-f...

Understand your bill for Microsoft Azure

This video will help you understand your Azure bill with step by step instructions on comparing your invoice with the detailed daily usage file and the cost management reports in the Azure portal.

Microsoft Delivers Generation 2 Virtual Machines to Azure Public Preview

Microsoft has now delivered its next generation of virtual machines into public preview for Azure customers. This update brings the ability to… Build large virtual machines (up to 12TB) Provision OS disks sizes that exceed 2TB, and Leverage advanced security capabilities like SecureBoot and Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) to secure their Virtual Machines. To build the update virtual machines, you can now use the normal methods including Azure Marketplace images, Managed Image/Disk, and Virtual Machine Scale Set in the Azure Portal and from the command-line.

Addressing the Disclosed MDS Vulnerability for Azure VMs

A recently disclosed vulnerability affects many modern processors and operating systems including Intel, AMD, and ARM. Referred to as “speculative execution side-channel attacks,” this serious vulnerability can allow attackers to read privileged data across trust boundaries. Microsoft Azure platforms are fully protected and mitigation has already been deployed. However, customers managing their own VMs and virtual environments in Azure need to be aware that actions may need to be performed. Microsoft has supplied guidance for this scenario: Guidance for mitigating speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities in Azure Customers that are running untrusted code within their VM need to take action to protect against these vulnerabilities by reading below for additional guidan...

Microsoft Cracks the Azure AD Password Character Barrier

Microsoft cloud-based AD schema and identity technology has come closer to matching its on-premises counterpart. The company has now officially removed the 16 character password limit for Azure AD. From Azure PM, Alex Simons… Many of you have been reminding us that we still have a 16-character password limit for accounts created in Azure AD. While our on-premises Windows AD allows longer passwords and passphrases, we previously didn’t have support for this for cloud user accounts in Azure AD.   Today, I am pleased to announce that we have changed this limit, allowing you to set a password with up to 256 characters, including spaces. Full set of Azure AD password policies: Password policies that only apply to cloud user accounts

Tip: Using PowerShell’s ShowWindow to Enhance Get-Help Usage

The ShowWindow parameter for the Get-Help PowerShell command is an extremely valuable tool that you might not be using. ShowWindow produces a pop-up window containing the full help information of the command you’re looking to learn more about. For example, the following PowerShell line, retrieves the help content for the Get-Service command and displays it in a separate window. Get-Help Get-Service -ShowWindow This produces a pop-up window containing the full help content for the particular command. You can move this new window to the side so you can refer to it while working with PowerShell command. You can also use the Search function of the windows to locate additional parameters you need to work with and also to just copy/paste the exact commands into the PowerShell interface.

How to get started with Azure API Management

In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks, learn how to get started with Azure API Management, a service that helps protect and manage your APIs.

Microsoft Azure Cloud and AI Icons for Visio

If you’re preparing your new Azure architecture or looking to modifying the current one, there’s now a new set of Azure icons for Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint, and various image options. Download: Microsoft Azure Cloud and AI Symbol / Icon Set – SVG This package contains a set of symbols/icons to visually represent features of and systems that use Microsoft Cloud and Artificial Intelligence technologies. This includes Microsoft Azure and related technologies. Feedback? Suggestions? Email:

Microsoft Now Allows Customers to Monitor Azure and AWS Costs in a Single Tool

Available now in preview, Azure Cost Management multi-cloud for AWS allows customers to manage AWS and Azure spend right in the same service. Features like cost analysis and budgets are available as part of this feature as well, helping simplify your cost management practice on multi-cloud scenarios. Start testing: Azure Cost Management Available to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Pay-As-You-Go, and Azure Government customers.  

Update: Azure Certification Exams AZ-100 and AZ-101 Retired, Registration for AZ-103 Now Available

As of today, May 1, the certification exams for Azure Administrator have been combined into a single test. AZ-100 and AZ-101 have reached retirement today, but AZ-103 is a single exam that encompasses the learning of both topic areas. As of this writing the ability to schedule the AZ-103 exam is not yet available, but we have it on good word that that capability will be avilable later today. Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator UPDATE: Scheduling is now available!

VMware Officially Comes to Azure

Dell Technologies and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Help Customers Accelerate Their Digital Transformation New Azure VMware Solutions bring customers more choice and flexibility Microsoft and VMware collaborate on digital workspace offerings and future cloud integrations DELL TECHNOLOGIES WORLD, LAS VEGAS, April 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) and Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced they are expanding their partnership to address a wider range of customer needs and help accelerate digital transformations. Through this collaboration, the companies will deliver a fully native, supported, and certified VMware cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, joint Microsoft 365 and VMware Workspace ONE customers will be able to manage Office 365 across ...

Tip: Keep Track of Azure Updates Using the Azure Heat Map

There’s a lot of activity developing new features for Microsoft Azure. New things are rolled out almost daily, but definitely weekly. So, how does one keep track? Developed by Alexey Polkovnikov, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, the Azure Heat Map provides lists of updates for long-term and short-term, most important and includes clickable links back to the actual updates. Anyone that works with Azure in any capacity should bookmark this useful tool: Azure Heat Map The tool allows filtering by a few different scenarios, including highlighting only the updates for the last 7 days.