Scheduling Start and Stop Times for Azure VMs

Below I’ve outlined the steps on how to automate the starting and stopping of a VM.

Mandatory update for Azure Backup to avoid authentication error for ongoing backups

You might encounter the following error in Azure Backup: A server registration certificate was not available to authenticate this server with the backup service. Ensure that you signed in with an administrator account and try again. If the issue persists, register the server again.

Enterprise Mobility Suite available in Open Licensing

Since its release last year, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) was only available via the Enterprise agreement. Since March 1st, Enterprise Mobility Suite is available for sale through distribution via Microsoft’s Open License Program. Open Licensing offers flexibility and potential cost savings making it possible for distributors and re sellers to sell additional cloud services to… Read More »The post Enterprise Mobility Suite available in Open Licensing appeared first on System Center Dudes.

Operations Management Suite in SCSM Console

Today I was playing around with Service Manager and decided to add a view for Operations Management Suite in the Service Manager Console. I have placed it in a management pack for use in other Service Manager environments. I have uploaded the management pack to TechNet Gallery. Once you load the management pack an Operations […]

System Center Futures 2016 and Beyond

Last week I was able to attend the first ever Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago. There was a lot of exciting news announced at this conference around the many Microsoft products and technologies. Everything was covered from SharePoint, Exchange, Unified Communications, Office, Windows server, Windows 10, all things Azure and more. This post is focused […]

Azure Automation – Webhooks

Continuous Deployment with Azure Automation This part of my “What’s new in Azure Automation” series will focus on something that a lot of people (me included) are quite excited about – Webhooks. What is a webhook? Github has a very good explanation of webhooks: Webhooks allow you to build or set up integrations which subscribe to certain events on When one of those events is triggered, we’ll send a HTTP POST payload to the webhook’s configured URL. Webhooks can be used to update an external issue tracker, trigger CI builds, update a backup mirror, or even deploy to your production server. You’re only limited by your imagination. What that […]

Azure Automation – graphical runbooks

Microsoft Ignite Microsoft Ignite 2015 conference is in full swing and they have already announced a lot of cool things at last week’s Build conference that we’ve seen covered in a lot of articles. This article here will focus on one of the new features in Azure Automation. I have already touched this in my last article here, Azure Automation now comes with a graphical user interface to author runbooks. Why do you need an Azure Automation GUI? To be honest, no idea, but it’s something still a lot of people think they need. Funny thing is, they say that thinking that they can’t expect everybody to be able to […]

Azure Automation – what’s new?

Microsoft has just released the next iteration of Azure Automation on their Microsoft Cloud and announced a lot of new features around it at their Microsoft Ignite Conference. This is just an overview of the features I am most excited about. New Preview Portal Automation node is now available in the new Graphical User Interface for Azure Automation Orchestrator’s appeal always was the simple “drag and drop” experience while building runbooks. While this was usually quite limited and you quickly had to revert back to writing PowerShell code, the idea was that you could easily see what was happening. Graphical runbooks give you the ability to now view what […]

Windows Azure Pack in a FIPS compliant environment

I am just about to deploy a Windows Azure Pack (WAP) express installation in an environment where they have to turn on FIPS compliancy. There are companies that turn everything in GPOs on that have “security” in the name or description field, but actually don’t really need it, and then there are companies that actually need it. Windows Azure Pack configuration fails Usually installation and configuration of a Windows Azure Pack installation is really easy and straight forward, especially when using the Express install, which puts every feature on one server (only for really small / limited PoCs!). I’ve done that multiple times already, but this time the configuration failed. […]

Global Azure Bootcamp slides and code

Have you been to the Global Azure Bootcamp edition of 2015 in Melbourne? Or you wanted to come, but couldn’t? (after all, it was ANZAC day) Or maybe you just landed here by chance. Either way, it seems you are interested in my session slides and some code snippets from my session on “PowerShell Desired State Configuration on Azure IaaS”. Here you go! Obviously you need to change some variables and the Azure_IaaS_DSC_DEMO_publish.ps1 does make some assumptions, but have a look and see how far you get. Great event and proud to have been part of such a huge worldwide event!

Azure PowerShell cmdlet curiosity

This is a real quick one. In preparation to the Global Azure Bootcamp in Melbourne I had to write a lot of PowerShell code and while provisioning VMs on Azure I came across a strange issue which took me a while to troubleshoot. New-AzureVMConfig case-sensitive I wanted to run the following script: It resulted in this output: Strange, I specified a RoleSize of small and that is a valid value, or is it? small is unequal to Small. That parameter of New-AzureVMConfig is case-sensitive. Note: New-AzureVMConfig -InstanceSize small Fails! New-AzureVMConfig -InstanceSize Small Works! Also note, the whole Azure SDK is still pre-release, so this might change in the future. Thanks […]

Microsoft MVA content for IaaS on Azure

Are you interested in Azure? Are you thinking about extending your on-premises network to Azure and want to get an overview of what is possible? Microsoft Virtual Academy has some great learning content you can use to get your head around all the new terminology, concepts and ideas. Here’s three examples of these FREE resources on MVA: (1)   Microsoft Iaas Series I: IaaS Fundamentals (2)   Microsoft Iaas Series II:  Dive Deep into Networking Storage and Disaster Recovery (3)   Microsoft Iaas Series III:  Embrace Open Source Technologies to Accelerate and Scale Solutions Enjoy using this content and make sure you check out the other content on MVA as well. – David […]