Microsoft Intune configuration designer for OEMConfig

We’ve created a brand-new configuration designer that gives you an intuitive interface for creating OEMConfig profiles, no matter how complicated the schema gets. This eliminates the need to hand-code an OEMConfig profile using the JSON editor, which can get tricky, especially when dealing with complex or heavily nested schemas.  When you select an OEMConfig application to configure, Intune reads the schema from the app, and automatically generates a full graphical user interface for configuring the settings specified in the schema.  The configuration designer lets you easily:  Create and manage complex bundles and bundle arrays with many levels of nesting  View setting titles and descriptions, which OEMs may use to provide documentation  Understand what options are available for a given s...

Tip: Enabling Bookmarks Sync Between Edge with Chromium and Edge on Android

As part of its ongoing development effort, Microsoft this week added the ability for Android users running Microsoft Edge to synch bookmarks with the desktop counterpart for those participating in the Insider program for Microsoft Edge with Chromium. The option needs to be enabled on Android devices in the Edge browser settings, but once enabled, the desktop bookmarks show up quickly. To sync with Microsoft Insider Channels, sign in with your Microsoft Account, ensure that it is selected as your active account, go to Settings > Account and select your Microsoft account, then select Microsoft Edge Insider Channels > Switch. Currently, only Bookmarks are available for synching, but Microsoft is working on the other important things.

Apple Adds Chromebook Support to Its Apple Music Android App

On Monday, Apple announced wide-ranging new and enhanced media services for music, TV/movies, and magazines. As part of that announcement, Apple seemed to show that it is open to building its footprint on non-Apple devices. For example, its new Apple TV service will be available as an Amazon Fire TV option. Another example comes in the form of an update for the company’s Apple Music Android app. An update to the app on Monday gives Google Chromebook users a much better Apple Music experience. If you have the app installed, it will update automatically. If you’ve yet to try Apple Music on a Chromebook, you can download it from the Google Play Store (if your Chromebook supports Android apps). Get it here: Apple Music 

Join the Microsoft Launcher for Android Beta, Test 5.3.0 When Ready

Microsoft Launcher 5.3.0 is close to being on its way to testers and will include some new features and loads of fixes. Want to join the beta?  Go here: Here’s what 5.3.0 will bring: Time/Weather widget redesign- Now you can have multiple widgets in multiple sizes in multiple styles for multiple locations! Also, check out the updated and more detailed L2 page with an hourly and 10-day forecast. UX refinements to the Home Screen, Dock and Search widget Tasks card now supports “My Day” and “Flagged Emails” from Microsoft To Do News tab now supports “Technology” as a news interest Font type changed from Segoe UI to Roboto Work profile customers can now get access to their work apps Beta commu...

Google Duo Now Works on ChromeOS

For those wondering why Google would not develop its Duo application to work on Android tablets and ChromeOS devices, you can stop scratching your head. Google has now delivered an updated version of its high-quality video call app. This version now works on Android tablets and, yes, also works flawlessly on Chromebooks. Download the latest: Google Duo – High-Quality Video Calls    

Windows 10 October 2018 Update – Timeline for Phone

Pick up your phone and go back in time to past activities.   Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

Sensory Inc. Breakthrough Technology Allows Always-on, Lower-power Listening for Wake Words

Gadgets like those from Alexa, Apple, Google, that are constantly listening for a Wake Word before providing assistance do so mostly through powered devices. Except for the most current Amazon Fire Tablet, the always-on listening feature is generally not available for smartphone or mobile devices due to the power consumption required to always be active. For smartphones, the user has to tap or tap and hold special buttons or key sequences to activate the smart assistant. Sensory has released TrulyHandsfree technology so that app partners can take advantage of a low-power listening “mode” and develop their apps to be able to provide real-time interaction. Sensory expects to see new apps built using its new technology to begin to appear in Q2 for Android and iOS platforms. Press ...

Microsoft Edge Web Browser Now Available for Android and Apple Tablets

Microsoft has been dabbling into Android and iOS with its Edge web browser over the past few months, attempting to deliver a solid experience for non-Microsoft devices. The company has now released full-fledged iterations of the browser for Android tablets and iPads. Get it for Android: Get it for iPad: Features: Continue on PC: Go anywhere and pick up where you left off by seamlessly moving content between your mobile device and PC (requires Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update). Data Sync: Your favorites, passwords, and reading list are synced across your devices, so no matter the device, your browser is alway...

Microsoft Retiring OWA for iPhone, iPad and Android

A Techcommunity post by Eugenie Burrage at Microsoft states that the company will be retiring the Outlook Web App connection for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  This makes a lot of sense considering that Microsoft’s actual Outlook app continues to see feature updates regularly and is a highly-rated email client on those platforms. Its important to realize that this also applies that those companies still utilizing an on-premise Exchange server. IT will need to plan to deploy the new app and close out access to OWA on corporate devices. And, its probably better to get started now. Here’s the timeline for support… In April 2018, the OWA for iPhone, iPad and Android apps will no longer be available for download from Apple’s iTunes store and the Google Play store. Also in...

Google’s Original Android Management Specs to be Retired Completely with Android Oreo

On Tuesday, Google announced that its original device Admin APIs (released in 2010) will be retired completely once the next major Android version is available: We understand that for some organizations this switch may take time so we will have developed an extended timeline for the transition. Device admin API will be supported through Android Oreo and existing functionality will continue to be available in the next major Android release, though device admin APIs for password enforcement will no longer be supported. In the following Android release, expected in 2019, the APIs for password enforcement will no longer be available. We strongly recommend that businesses plan to move to work profile and managed device APIs. By sharing this update early, we aim to provide companies with suffici...

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android Leaves Beta

Microsoft’s mobile web browser built on its Windows 10 Internet browser, Edge, has finally left beta. The browser is available in the respective stores to download and install. One of the more interesting features is how it works with the desktop version of Windows 10 to allow users to continue where they left off. On iTunes: Microsoft Edge for iPhone On Google Play: Microsoft Edge for Android Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

Microsoft’s Edge Browser Coming to iOS and Android

It might be the best use of Microsoft’s time if it worked to get its Windows 10 browser working better on Windows 10 first, but the company is now talking about bringing Microsoft Edge to alternate platforms, iOS and Android. Microsoft Edge for iOS is available starting today in preview, with Microsoft Edge for Android available soon in preview. The company then says this… One of the most common requests we hear from people who use Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs is “we want our browser experience to move to our phones”. Edge has barely scratched the browser market share – if it shows up at all on any charts or graphs. The browser’s inconsistencies and common bugs have forced many more people to move to Google’s Chrome than ever before, so “people who u...