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Can Windows 10 S Be a Business Platform?

By all accounts, Windows 10 S seems like its intended as a platform for education – but Microsoft clearly expects the streamlined OS edition to be of interest to other industry sectors. According to details displayed on Microsoft’s Windows 10 S FAQ, the comparison between Windows 10 S and Windows 10 Pro are very interesting.

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From the Windows 10 S FAQ. Click the image for a larger view.

Security and supportability alone could cause businesses to consider this new edition of Windows 10. But, is it realistic?

Even though most businesses cannot work with an operating system that cannot install and run external apps, it does make a lot of sense to do so. Windows 10 S only supports apps that come from the Windows Store. This ensures that apps cannot alter the operating system in ways that make performance degrade or open the environment up to security vulnerabilities.

But, the biggest factor is the support for domain login. Windows 10 S does not support logging into a local domain. It only supports logging into an Azure AD domain. As much as Microsoft would love for all of its business customers to leave behind its legacy, on-premises hardware and networks and migrate to the cloud – that just ain’t happen’ anytime soon. While there are many benefits to doing so, there are too many factors that are keeping businesses from making the full plunge.

So, can Windows 10 S be a business platform? Absolutely – but not likely anytime soon.

To work as a business platform, organizations will need to migrate away from apps that don’t exist in the Windows Store and they’ll need to migrate to the cloud-based, Azure AD.

What else? What else might keep your company from seriously considering Windows 10 S to run end-user devices? Leave thoughts in the comments.

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