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Calculating the average size of all package types in ConfigMgr

A question came up on the myITforum mssms email list this morning about the average package and application size of everyone’s ConfigMgr environment.

I look at the package size data all the time in the console, so I knew it was buried in SQL somewhere, I just had to find it. Low and behold v_PackageStatusRootSummarizer had what I needed, SourceSize represented in KB.

I threw that together in a quick SQL query and created a quick way to gather the average size of all your package types!

select pkg.PackageType [Type Number],
   case pkg.PackageType
   when ‘0’ then ‘Package’
   when ‘3’ then ‘Driver Package’
   when ‘4’ then ‘Task Sequene’
   when ‘5’ then ‘Software Update Group’
   when ‘257’ then ‘OS image’
   when ‘258’ then ‘Boot image’
   when ‘8’ then ‘Application’
   end [Type Name], AVG(psrs.SourceSize)/1024 [Avg size in MB],
   count(*) [Count]
from v_PackageStatusRootSummarizer PSRS join
v_package pkg ON psrs.PackageID = pkg.PackageID
group by pkg.PackageType
order by PackageType

and the results!

Type Number Type Name Avg size in MB Count
0 Package 105 803
3 Driver Package 315 25
4 Task Sequene 0 46
5 Software Update Group 639 12
8 Application 277 205
257 OS image 7546 5
258 Boot image 304 3

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