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Boy, times they are a’changin’–Bill Anderson moves on

This year just feels different, doesn’t it?  There’s something not quite right in the air – or, at least things that have never been there before.  Technology is on the cusp of leaping again and whenever there are so many changes on the horizon, there will always be personnel changes as part of that.  I’ve been dealing with this industry and this community for so long I can’t remember anymore.  It’s always been good.  There have been many sad times, but things always seem to right themselves if you give it enough time.

Well, so, today, is another one of those times where its partly sad, but also potentially joyous.  I received a note from Bill Anderson not long ago.  Bill has been a huge supporter of the System Center community since our very beginning and just like with Wally Mead, you really can’t think about ConfigMgr without attributing it’s successes to Bill Anderson.  Bill has been a good friend since Day 1.  Many of you have met him, laughed with him, and enjoyed his “State of the Union” addresses at the Microsoft Management Summit every year.

Bill is moving on from his long-time position with the Configuration Manager team and jumping into a role in with Windows Mobile team at Microsoft.  Since you all have been so important to Microsoft and Bill over the years, Bill wanted to let you all know personally.

Here’s Bill’s email to you all…

Rod – hope all is well!  I haven’t used my myitforum blog in SO long it’s useless to try to put this out there, so thought I’d just send it to you – and you can post it to the community on my behalf!!

Yeah – it’s not a typo, and it’s not a joke/prank.  After 12 years in the division, and after 16 years of working with you guys as customers, I’m finally moving on to something different.  It’s exciting, and it’s saddening at the same time.  The opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in my new role in Windows Mobile are incredibly compelling, and will give me a chance to try and do some things I’ve never done before!  It will be the perfect blend of my PM and marketing backgrounds, as well as my passion for consumer app catalogs!  But, the friends and memories I leave behind have been such a huge part of my life that I’ll miss many of you being there on a daily basis.  However, the only REAL way to make this statement is truly by sticking to what’s gotten me through over the years.  A Top 10 list!  So, here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Bill Anderson is finally moving on….

10.  My stuff’s still boxed up from the last move – so may as well move now before I get too unpacked

9.  Way cooler SWAG in Windows Mobile.  Prototype phones vs a “private cloud in your pocket”

8.  It shaves .7 miles off of my already grueling 2.7 mile commute

7.  After 10 years of parking in the same parking stall in Building 44, I could not find any stalls under building 42 that met my desired Feng Shui

6.  In Windows Mobile, I’ll probably never have to do an iPhone demo – AGAIN!!

5.  I’ve heard rumors they’re working on a flux capacitor in the mobile division – (SHHHH!  Don’t tell!!)

4.  I want to finally work on a product at MS where my top competitors aren’t just other products at MS!

3.  Always wanted to work on something my mom could say, “see – my son helped with this”.  And I’m sure I have a better chance of her ever having a Windows Phone than installing SCCM on her 4 year old Dell laptop at home.

2.  Finally ran out of Top 10 materials relating to SCCM.  Can only do so many naming jokes…

1.  And, in the famous words of Cheryl Crow, “A change will do ya good”…  J

In all seriousness, this has been an amazing opportunity the past 12 years to help take a “fledgling” business like SMS, work with a team of incredible folks that had the same laser focus on building the best solution for our customers no matter what the challenge or adversity, and work with the most dedicated customer base in the IT pro space!  You guys have demonstrated this throughout history, and continue to demonstrate it today.  MMS started as 50 people in a cheap hotel somewhere in Florida, and is now almost as big as TechEd US!  Sure – we make money for MSFT, but more importantly – I think we’ve helped you in how you manage users.  It’s Pollyanna, but I truly do believe that.  And MOST importantly, I know I’ve made a lot of friends along the way.

My official transition date is Sept 10th.  That gives me time to effectively transition things across, as well as take a little time off in the middle.  And, it will give me a bit more time to say more personal good byes to the hundreds of folks that have been such a big part of my life the past 12 years.

And, here’s some retrospect for all of you who love to reminisce.

SCCM07 Release, when?

State of the Union (2008) by Bill Anderson


State of the Union 2003 (with Bill and Brady):

[mediaplayer src=”” width=320 height=180]

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  1. …say it ain’t so…
    All the best Bill you deserve it.

  2. And ConfigMgr suddenly lost a little of its sparkle……..

    Best of Luck Bill – The Windows Mobile team is very lucky to have you!

  3. Hopefully this turn into even Mobile integration for ConfigMgr?!
    good luck!

  4. Bummed that he is moving on as well. Good luck Bill, you’re #1

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