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Block VBScript Execution in IE11 for Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is deprecating VBScript for Internet Explorer 11 and has already done so for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. However, for compatibility reasons, IE11 still provides VBScript execution for websites rendered as legacy documents.

With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is making a way through the registry, a Quick Fix engineering file, and through GPO to disable VBScript for IE11 completely.

Details here: Option to disable VBScript execution in Internet Explorer for Internet Zone and Restricted Sites Zone

Microsoft also says

In subsequent Windows releases and future updates, we intend to disable VBScript execution by default in Internet Explorer 11 for websites in the Internet Zone and the Restricted Sites Zone. The settings to enable, disable, or prompt for VBScript execution in Internet Explorer 11 will remain configurable per site security zone, via Registry or via Group Policy, for a limited time. We will post future updates here in advance of changes to default settings for VBScript execution in Internet Explorer 11.


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