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Block the Delivery of Microsoft Edge with Chromium

Block the Delivery of Microsoft Edge with Chromium
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On January 16th, Microsoft will make its latest Microsoft Edge web browser publicly available and will begin a staged rollout for Windows 10 1803 and later devices. Some companies may want to control the rollout of the new browser and want ways to block it until its been thoroughly tested.

Microsoft has provided a Blocker Toolkit for those wishing to manage the delivery of the new Chromium-based browser.

Download and information: Blocker Toolkit to disable automatic delivery of Microsoft Edge

The toolkit includes a .cmd file for automating creating a registry key and turning the option on and off. The .cmd file can be deployed across the company’s computer landscape using the favored method (SCCM/MEM/Intune or any other distribution tool).


0 unblocks

1 blocks

The toolkit also includes a GPO administrative template that sets the following:

/Computer Configuration /Administrative Templates /Windows Components /Windows Update /Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Blockers

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