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Backup VMware to Azure Using Latest Azure Backup Services

Today Microsoft has announced a new component to Azure Backup Server, allowing VMware customers to back up their critical VMs to Microsoft’s Azure storage service.

We are excited to announce that Azure Backup Server now supports VMware VM backup to disk and to cloud for offsite copy or long term retention. Prior to this update, Azure Backup Server protected workloads such as SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and files on Windows servers running either on physical machines or Hyper-V, VMware virtual machines.

Azure Backup has been a free download that doesn’t require a System Center License or a SQL license for the server DB.


  • Agentless Backup: Azure Backup Server uses VMware’s VADP API to protect VMware VMs remotely without installing agents on vCenter or ESXi servers, freeing administrators from the hassle of managing agents for VMware VM backup.
  • Discoverability and Auto-Protection: Customers can seamlessly discover and protect VMware VMs residing on external storage targets too such as NFS and cluster storage. Managing large environments is effortless since VMs are discovered and protected at folder level. Any future VMs added to a protected folder are backed up automatically.
  • Integrated Hybrid backup: Customers can back up to disk for faster operational recovery and to cloud for offsite copy or long term retention.

Read the full announcement: Announcing VMware backup with Azure Backup Server

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