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Back to Windows 8 today

My good buddy Michael Mott inspired me last week at MMS 2012 to jump back into the Windows 8 camp.  Michael and I both own the Acer Iconia Tab W500.  It’s a Windows 7 tablet combo that is part tablet, part laptop.  It’s a great device and includes all the laptop amenities like USB ports, keyboard, mouse, HDMI, etc., etc., but you can also use it as a straight tablet.  The tablet docks with a keyboard base through a USB connection anytime you need a full-size keyboard.

As a gadget lover, I was also enthralled by the Samsung tablet that a lot of Microsoft folks were carrying around at MMS 2012.  My first glimpse of the unit was during a meeting with Brad Anderson on Monday and the tablet was simply gorgeous. I thought I might try to pick one up until I saw the price. has it listed at over $1,300.  My little W500 was only $500.  Simply put, unless Microsoft can locate a vendor willing to put out a tablet that is price conscious, Windows 8 isn’t going to do very well.  Try to find an Android tablet over $1,000.  Price is key.

Anyway, I’ll be moving the W500 back to Windows 8 today using a method found in the MSDN forums:

How to create Windows 8 installation bootable USB for UEFI

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I hope it goes well, and I look forward to any feedback you are able to provide while running Windows 8 on everyday hardware. And yes as a consumer, I agree with your observations on the cost point concerns. Building on that thought, it would be impressive if Microsoft were able to demo a Windows 8 install, on an average $500 or less tablet/netbook/laptop hardware, where they maybe do a wipe-and-reload from Android to Windows 8. This would be a big plus, and would showcase the added functionality gained by running Windows 8 on hardware that most people already own.

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