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Azure / Cloud / PowerShell

Azure PowerShell cmdlet curiosity

This is a real quick one. In preparation to the Global Azure Bootcamp in Melbourne I had to write a lot of PowerShell code and while provisioning VMs on Azure I came across a strange issue which took me a while to troubleshoot. New-AzureVMConfig case-sensitive I wanted to run the following script: It resulted in this output: Strange, I specified a RoleSize of small and that is a valid value, or is it? small is unequal to Small. That parameter of New-AzureVMConfig is case-sensitive. Note: New-AzureVMConfig -InstanceSize small Fails! New-AzureVMConfig -InstanceSize Small Works! Also note, the whole Azure SDK is still pre-release, so this might change in the future. Thanks […]

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