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Azure Data Lake Reaches GA

Microsoft today has announced yet another product delivery in Azure Data Lake. Azure Data Lake was first talked about at the first Microsoft Ignite in Chicago just 2 years ago. After a 2 year development and testing process, Microsoft believes the product/service is now ready for public consumption.

Today we are announcing the general availability of Azure Data Lake, ushering in a new era of productivity for your big data developers and scientists. Fundamentally different from today’s cluster-based solutions, the Azure Data Lake services enable you to securely store all your data centrally in a “no limits” data lake, and run on-demand analytics that instantly scales to your needs. Our state-of-the-art development environment and rich and extensible U-SQL language enable you to write, debug, and optimize massively parallel analytics programs in a fraction of the time of existing solutions.

A data lake is a method of storing data within a system that facilitates the collocation of data in various schemata and structural forms, usually object blobs or files. – Wikipedia

Full announcement: The Intelligent Data Lake

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