Author: Ron Crumbaker

Tips for App-V 5.0 Sequencer Configuration

When it comes to setting up a good configuration for an App-V 5.0 SP2 (or later) sequencer, the items below are typically what I like to establish.  This list may not be fully complete and could be added to over time.  Optionally, if you have any recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment below! […]

Tricks to Preventing the ConfigMgr Client Installs

There are several tricks to block/prevent the ConfigMgr client from installing on specific systems.  The recommended method is through an exclusion list on the ConfigMgr server, but that can often be tedious or forgotten.  So the list below outlines other options that are available to accomplish the same goal.  A big thanks to my colleagues […]

Tips for Installing ConfigMgr Apps during OSD

Similar to a previous post on 10 Tips for a More Successful Windows Image Build & Capture, this post outlines tips to help you successfully deploy ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Applications during OS deployment for an image build/capture on a workgroup computer. First, review the top tips for OSD (10 Tips for a More Successful Windows Image Build & Capture) Second, if your DP is setup for HTTPS, skip ...

Azure AD – PowerShell Script to Change UPN of All Users in a Group

Imagine that if users in a domain have a UPN suffix which is not a public domain, such as @company.local instead of  When those users synchronize into Azure AD for EMS, Intune, O365, etc., then the users’ UPNs will be instead of a friendly UPN for logging into portals or for enrolling […]

Azure AD DS Sync Account Permissions – Replicating Directory Changes

Microsoft has a decent outline for getting started with setup of the Azure AD Sync tool.  One of the prerequisites is to prepare the AD account used for the synchronization of passwords is to grant it permissions for “Replicating Directory Changes” and “Replicating Directory Changes All”.  This blog post serves as a quick guide on how […]

Azure AD Setup – Sync Service Account – Login Failure

When setting up Azure AD synchronization tools, such as Azure AD Connect, there is the option to specify an on-premise AD user/service account to be used for the local sync authentication.  During the setup wizard, you may encounter the error “Logon failure: the user has not been granted the required logon type at this computer” (image […]

Azure AD Global Admin – No Subscriptions Found

If you’ve assigned a new user in Azure AD as a global admin, but when logging into with that new user, you may receive a message “No Subscriptions Found”. To correct this problem, it’s a matter of adding the user a subscription administrator.  In Azure AD, navigate to Settings > Administrators, then click Add+ […]

App-V 5.0 – get .appv package file

If using standalone AppV 5.0 infrastructure, use the following SQL query against your AppVManagement database to retrieve the list of packages and their corresponding .appv file/path. Filed under: Uncategorized

Quick tip: Excluding times in SCO Monitor Date/Time

If your System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator runbooks are triggered using the Monitor Date/Time activity, it may be necessary at times to exclude another specific time.  In a recent scenario for a customer, there was the risk of two related (but disparate) runbooks conflicting with each other.  Their schedules each had them running at the […]

Script to delete any Drive:smspkg*.pck files of the specified file age

There are many scripts and examples out there for cleaning up PCK files.  The below script is my rendition to cleanup PCK files that are older than the specified number of days.  This script can be executed via a package in ConfigMgr on systems that are a DP.  Oh and I added some basic logging […]

Script to delete specific IE cookies

An old script to share :-) It will delete IE cookies specified in variable CookieNameFiled under: Scripting

Script to reset IE 8 zoom

An old script to share :-)  It will help to fix an old problem that occurred in IE 8, if that’s even still around and in use today ;-)Filed under: Scripting

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