Author: Nick Moseley

A Hard Lesson on Distribution Points

What appeared to be a very strange and significant issue occurred recently.  On a remote server that only has the DP and SMP roles assigned to it, I removed the SMP role from the server.  Upon completion of the SMP being removed, the entire directory containing the server’s installed SCCM site files (e.g. E:\SMS) was mysteriously deleted.  This [...]

Hotfix for Windows 7 Extremely Slow Boot Performance

When our company first implemented Windows 7, the performance was quite good and we were impressed.  However, now that Win7 has been in our organization for the last 1 1/2 years, we’re beginning to see a significant performance degradation in boot times.  What was a 1 minute boot time can now be anywhere from 4 to 10 [...]

Displaying Front-End HTAs within an SCCM Task Sequence

I’ve often heard the phrase “MDT solves problems to issues you didn’t even know you had.”  And it’s certainly true in this case!!  I was  looking for a process or procedure that would allow me to present my current custom OSD front end HTA to an active end-user who is logged into Windows.  Unfortunately, standard SCCM task [...]

OSD Options Chooser v2

The following custom HTA can be used during OSD when imaging computers with SCCM 2007.  It has been updated from my previous version and will do the following: Section 1 – for the name to be give to the computer.  Section 2 – for the technician imaging the computer Section 3 – for a ticket number Section 4 [...]

Common Software Install Command Lines

When distributing software, there are often challenges that can arise during installation. For example, you may have experience a time when Adobe Reader will fail to install the latest security update because the application is actively running. Or maybe you’ve found that the only way to configure QuickTime to not check for updates is by having [...]

Troubleshooting packages that just won’t install on DP’s (via ConfigMgr in the real world)

This post saved me from having to recreate a default boot image on a DP failing to update! It’s great for overall troubleshooting of distribution point troubles!! You may have seen in my earlier blog post instructions on how to deploy many packages to DP's where you know they have a small link or where [...]

Script to delete specific IE cookie

We had a recent need to delete IE cookies from a specific website throughout the organization.  ‘========================================================================== ‘ NAME: DeleteIeCookies ‘ AUTHOR: Nick Moseley , ‘ DATE  : 8/11/2011 ‘ COMMENT: Deletes the cookies specified in variable CookieName ‘============================...

Scripting Dell TouchPad configurations

We recently received the new Dell E6320 and E6420 laptops.  After deployment of our standard image, which does not contain drivers, we package the full driver installers as provided by the manufacturer.  We found that for these new laptops, scrolling was not automatically enabled for the TouchPad’s.  I would say scrolling is a defacto usability standard.  [...]

USMT workaround for BGInfo desktop wallpaper

If you use BGInfo on your computers and migrate a user’s profile to a new computer, you’ll soon discover that the BGInfo of the new computer is overlaying BGInfo from the old computer, creating a very ugly desktop wallpaper.  The reason for this is that once BGInfo executes, it generates a new image from what the user [...]

Workaround for KB2444193 with USMT 4

There is a known issue when migrating to Windows 7 with USMT.  If a computer is deployed using an AutoUnattend.xml, then after migrating a user to the new computer, when the user launches IE they receive the message “A program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider…“.  One workaround is to have a script [...]

Excluding file types within MigUser.XML

For an upcoming upgrade of our computers, I had a request that during the user migration that only desktop shortcuts (.lnk) files be backed up and migrated and no other files.  It took several failed attempts to get working correctly, but the process I finally found that works was to do the following: Edit MigUser.xml [...]