Author: Nick Moseley

Windows Error: 0x2E4 with ConfigMgr 2012 R2 and App-V 5.0

If an App-V package has scripts to perform an operation, the application install may fail and show a dialog box similar to the image below. Checking the AppEnforce.log file will reveal the error as below. Publish-AppvClientPackage : Application Virtualization Service failed to complete requested operation. Operation attempted: Publish AppV Package. Windows Error: 0x2E4 – The reques...

References that AADP will not impact O365

I was recently asked by a customer to provide proof that registering for Azure Active Directory Premium would not cause a production change to their existing O365 implementation. Unfortunately, this is not specifically stated anywhere in Microsoft documentation.  But the references below are what I found which imply that there would not be an impact to the business.

Deploying Android Apps with Windows Intune

Using Windows Intune standalone?  You can quickly deploy apps using the following process!  This example utilizes an Android emulator being managed through Intune.  For more information on how to set that up for testing, see Upload Android APK App To begin, be sure to obtain a safe APK that you ca...

Scripting Service Account Changes

I recently had a situation where I needed to script the creation of a Windows service and specify a domain user/password to run the service.  The main struggle was getting the service to grant the user “Log On As Service” rights, which wasn’t being automatically completed with the SC.exe tool.  To accomplish this feat, the […]

Understanding Costs to Manage Windows 8 Devices with Intune

Side-loading keys (100 pack for $2500?) are different from the mobile device cert ($299/yr) and the Dev Center account ($99/yr) – and they are all unique to each tenant. Side-loading keys are way to bypass publishing apps through the public Windows Store and deploy apps to the Windows devices Mobile device certs are used to […]

SQL Query App-V 5.0 Usage

You can use the following query on your App-V 5.0 reporting server database (AppVReporting) to get application usage information for which users ran which software on which systems and when. Filed under: App-V 5.0

Scripting Sybase PowerDesigner Viewer 16.x for Deployment

Ran into a curious situation when automating the installation of Sybase PowerDesigner Viewer 16.  If you just want the answer, then jump to the bottom of this post :-) The installer was built as a self-extracting InstallShield setup.  Typically, for a ConfigMgr package I like to use the extracted files.  However, when attempting to run the Setup [...]

Setting up Windows Intune to Manage Android

Android with Windows Intune Use this guide to help you get started testing management of Android devices with Windows Intune (Wave D) standalone.  This guide assumes Office 365 has been completely set up, configured, and operational for your organization. Create the emulator First and foremost, create an Android emulator.  One of the best guides that I have found [...]

Ping Transport Failed with Error 1231

Recently I was helping a friend with her laptop which suddenly stopped connecting to the Internet, despite that the wireless networking could see and successfully connect to wireless hotspots. In further troubleshooting, I noticed that the correct IP address range (192.168.0.x) was not handed out by the router’s DNS. Furthermore, when attempting to ping the [...]

Installing VMware View Agent in a Task Sequence

The VMware View agent is deployable as an MSI file and uses basic command line parameters.  However, I recently had significant difficulties with getting it to install within a ConfigMgr Task Sequence as part of an OS image deployment.  Despite that the agent could be installed manually using the parameters, in a TS the installer would fail [...]

Another copy of Configuration Manager Setup is already running

Recently built myself a new server for my home lab and decided to build out a new domain. During the setup process of CM12 SP1 (on Win 2012 with SQL 2012 SP1 CU2), the guest VM hung midway through setup and was completely unresponsive.  So I reset the VM and ran the CM12 SP1 setup again – it only allowed the [...]

Script to Rename Computer During OSD

In assisting a recent customer implement an upgrade from WinXP to Win7, they requested that the names be changed to fit a new standard as part of the in-place imaging process.  In this particular case, all of the computers had a name that ended with a sequential number (1, 2, 3, …) plus an “A” tacked [...]