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Administration Service – ConfigMgr Current Branch

This tutorial focuses on the Configuration Manager Administration Service introduced in current branch version 1810. The session focuses on 1906 and presents details of what the Admin Service is, why it matters, use case scenarios for both on-premises and internet scenarios and wraps with tips and tricks.

Workflow Automation in Azure Security Center

Security Center Secure Score to drive the enhancement of your cloud security posture, you will have to monitor the security recommendations in ASC and remediate them accordingly. One feedback that we received was: it would be great if once a new recommendation arrive, I could receive a notification (an email for example). This feature is here and does way more than just email.

Announcing Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Learn more about how we’re integrating Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager, and more into a single solution called Microsoft Endpoint Manager. In this video, Brad Anderson walks through the details on what Microsoft Endpoint Manager is, and why Microsoft is moving towards an integrated management solution.

How to migrate Active Directory Domain Controllers to Microsoft Azure Stack

In this video, you will find out how you can migrate Active Directory Domain Controllers to Microsoft Azure Stack.

Windows Virtual Desktop Essentials Intro and full tour

If your organization is looking for a more efficient, productive, and secure approach to desktop virtualization, this series will walk you through the full solution. WVD offers a fully managed desktop virtualization solution in the cloud and it works with all your apps and devices as you can expect.

Windows and Office deployment intro

Join Microsoft CVP Brad Anderson to discover the benefits of Windows 10 and Office 365, major changes and considerations versus previous deployments and best practices to ensure a smooth transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. In this introduction we’ll outline what has changed and go on a tour of the Desktop Deployment Wheel. This will guide you through the recommended steps for your shi...

How to Deploy PowerShell Scripts using Microsoft Intune

Steve and Adam had a fun time trying out deploying a PowerShell script on Microsoft Intune clients.

Windows Autopilot: White Glove

A look at the new Windows Autopilot capability called white glove. Whether you run IT for an organization or you’re a vendor providing IT service, white glove, allows you to pre-provision applications, policies, and settings for a Windows 10 device, so users can be up and running on a new Windows 10 computer in a few moments. Also, the latest Windows 10 Autopilot features that we’ve de...

New Book: The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Certification

The founder of has written a book covering Microsoft’s cloud certification path. The book is intended to answer the following questions: Which Microsoft certification is right for me? What are the Microsoft role-based certifications? What’s the structure of Microsoft exams? Do Microsoft certifications expire? What happens if I fail the exam? Can I retake it? Where do I get sta...

Microsoft Intune configuration designer for OEMConfig

We’ve created a brand-new configuration designer that gives you an intuitive interface for creating OEMConfig profiles, no matter how complicated the schema gets. This eliminates the need to hand-code an OEMConfig profile using the JSON editor, which can get tricky, especially when dealing with complex or heavily nested schemas.  When you select an OEMConfig application to configure, Intune reads ...