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Azure security expert series: Cloud security with Ann Johnson

Welcome to the Azure Security Expert Series! Watch Ann Johnson, Corporate VP of Cybersecurity at Microsoft, lead a discussion on cloud security best practices and the latest Azure innovations. Then access our on-demand sessions, all led by Microsoft security product experts, to gain practical knowledge from Azure security services including: Azure Sentinel, Azure Security Center, Azure Network Sec...

Sneak Peek at a new Windows Virtual Desktop Win32 Client

Corey Sanders, Corporate VP of Microsoft Solutions sits down with Scott Manchester, Principal Group PM on the Silicon, Graphics and Media team to talk about what new things are available in the current preview of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) being offered in Azure. Scott has brought along a Surface GO to demonstrate the new signed Win32 app which allows you to install and use it – even when...

BranchCache – Part 3 Caching! Understanding the Options

This session focuses on the Configuration Manager integration with Windows BranchCache. The discussion includes details about how to configure BranchCache in a Configuration Manager environment and the flow when BranchCache is used. The demonstrations walk through in detail the process of using BranchCache, how to track it and how to confirm it has been used for content download.

Peer Caching and OSD – Part 2 Caching! Understanding the Options

This session focuses on peer cache functionality build into ConfigMgr and specifically details how peer caching works in Operating System Deployment scenarios. The discussion includes details and demonstrations of using the Download Package Content task sequence option, the pre-download image deployment option, the use of the variables available or required to enable peer caching and more.

Peer Caching – Part 1 Caching! Understanding the options

The session focuses on the peer cache functionality built into Configuration Manager and details how it works and how to configure it. It includes a demonstration of using peer cache along with details about WMI, associated log files and the content location request process.

How to build your own Azure CLI Extensions

In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks, learn how you can create Azure CLI extensions to add additional functionalities to your Azure CLI. For more tips and tricks, visit:  

Understand your bill for Microsoft Azure

This video will help you understand your Azure bill with step by step instructions on comparing your invoice with the detailed daily usage file and the cost management reports in the Azure portal.

How to get started with Azure API Management

In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks, learn how to get started with Azure API Management, a service that helps protect and manage your APIs.

Configure Azure Backup in Windows Admin Center

Azure Backup allows you to not just back up your Azure services, but also back up your on-prem workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Autopilot and Modern Management – ConfigMgr CB and the Microsoft cloud platform

This session focuses on Autopilot and walks through in detail what autopilot is, how to configure it and demonstrates four key autopilot scenarios.

Windows Server 2019 + Microsoft Azure = hybrid management updates

See updates to Windows Admin Center and Windows Server 2019 that line up practical hybrid management scenarios with Microsoft Azure. Windows Server, Principal Program Manager, Jeff Woolsey starts you off with Azure File Sync. Sync your local files to the cloud with virtually unlimited storage and fast, secure access. Next, he’ll go over Azure Network Adapter for streamlined and encrypted con...

Upgrade Readiness – ConfigMgr CB and the Microsoft cloud platform

This session focuses on Upgrade Readiness. We describe how to configure Upgrade Readiness and then shift to discussing how to connect ConfigMgr to Upgrade Readiness and the benefits of doing so. Troubleshooting options are also reviewed.