Author: Mike Lucero

SCCM 2007 – Task Sequence – Corporate Branding During OSD

Although I put this process together a while back, I’ve performed enough testing that I now feel comfortable posting this. As we all know, there are many ways to do things, and some processes do not work in all environments. Hopefully, what I have put together will be helpful for some people. Please post comments should you find issues with the techniques posted here. Corporate Branding: Man...

Imaging – Driver Information – ACPI\SMO1200 (Lenovo X-201 TPM)

I’ve been finalizing an XP image for the Lenovo X-201 laptop and had a warning on the TPM device, ACPI\SMO1200. I found the driver here: Silent installation: STM_TPM_Setup.msi /q One thing I found a bit amusing was that the driver package was created with a piece of freeware – which I thought was a bit odd. But, ...

Imaging – Driver Information – VID_0AC5&PID_5801

Information concerning the hardware device with details = "USB\VID_0AC5&PID_5801 …" Details: ControlPoint Security Device Driver – specific system in this case was a Dell Latitude E4310 64-bit. (This is an installation setup – no driver-only files were supplied.) Link:

SCCM 2007 – OSD Configuration – Naming Conventions and Task Sequence Queries

I was working on a task sequence consolidation this morning and thought I would throw this one out there in case anyone else has a similar situation. In our environment, we have several applications which require location-specific parameters… basically, the developers have created different configuration files which are based on the site location of the end-user. If you use task sequences fo...

SCCM 2007 – OSD Troubleshooting – SMS_PXE_SERVICE_POINT Message ID: 6314

Just a short note for those of you (like me) who are continually ensuring that you have the latest drivers working in your OSD environment – whether or not you adopt them. I have multiple task sequences devoted to model injection – primarily because drivers are being constantly updated as problems are resolved by vendors. Personally, I like to make sure that these drivers can be added ...

Scripts – Reg Hacks – Reg Hack and package to disable IPV6 in Windows 7

Our network team wanted IPV6 turned off on Windows 7 machines so I put together this reg hack and package to deploy it via SCCM. .reg file: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters] "DisabledComponents"=dword:ffffffff Program command line: regedit /S "Disable_IPV6.reg"

Windows – Tools – Craig Hart’s PCI32.EXE

I was out this morning looking for an update to the device ID file for Craig Hart’s PCI32 bus sniffer and was disappointed to find that the domain where it was formerly hosted is no longer in existence. (Or perhaps there is a DNS issue somewhere.) The website listed in the README file is: and it is yielding a 404 error, while the base address is connect...

SCCM 2007 – Configuration – How to set up a Hyper-V VM to receive an OSD deployment via PXE

We had a needed for this for our developers so I thought I’d make a how-to video in case someone else had a need. [mediaplayer src=””]

SCCM 2007 – Status Messages – SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER

Just a short note to align some field names. Within status message reports, you may occasionally receive messages which reflect an item referred to as a "GUID." For the purposes of reporting: Status messages referring to client "GUID’s" are referring to the field name, "v_R_System.SMS_Unique_Identifier0." Personally, I think they should rename the message so tha...

SCCM 2007 – OSD Troubleshooting – Task Sequence has failed with the error code (0x80091007)

So everything is working fine and all of the sudden I receive the following error during the preliminary injection of a laptop model into my task sequence: Task Sequence: TS: Windows XP w/SP3 – Model Injection has failed with the error code (0x80091007). For more information, please contact your system administrator or help desk operator. So, I pick up the phone and dial myself. As per just ...

SCCM 2007 – Configuration – MOF File Addition for Win32_ComputerSystemProduct

Just a short FYI for people who happen to enable the class, Win32_ComputerSystemProduct, within the MOF file. Within the database, this will show up as dbo.v_GS_Client0. A bit confusing in my opinion, but I wanted to get this out so that others don’t have to spend too much time looking for it. Cheers!

SCCM 2007 – OSD Troubleshooting – Task Sequence WMI queries on computer models returning false results

I’ve written a few items concerning adding WMI queries to driver packages within the OSD task sequences within SCCM2007. Recently I hit a snag which was somewhat perplexing until I decided to browse the WMI with several different tools. Generally, I’ve taken to browsing the WMI on various computers models with SCCM Client Center as it is very good, all-purpose tool. As I was building a...

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