Author: Haralambos "Harry" Mavromatidis

Monitor Scheduled Tasks with SCOM

Recently I was on a search for a management pack that would let me monitor Scheduled Tasks on Windows servers. A fellow System Center MVP Daniele Grandini let me know that his company Progel has one available. Progel has made the management pack available to the community for free that can monitor Scheduled Tasks on […]

Free SCSM, SCOM, DPM Tools for the Community

Wow what an exciting week in the System Center space! Lately there has been several free tools released for various System Center products in the community. I wanted to mention them here in one blog. Service Manager: Advanced Send Mail This one is very cool and something that has been needed for some time. Big […]

Enable Proxy as SCOM Console Task

Here comes another post about a console task. This time it is in SCOM. I have been doing something for a while that makes life a little bit easier. What I do is add a console task to SCOM that enables proxy on monitored servers when it is launched. NOTE: For a discussion on why […]