Author: Eric Schloss

Implementing Deployment Role Selection in MDT 2012

In the MDT database, there exists the functionality to create roles for systems and assign settings and applications based on those roles.  The issue is that there is no out-of-box way to select a role in the deployment wizard. The article at does a great job at explaining how to implement a wizard screen to selec...

Using DCM in SCCM 2012 to Report on BitLocker Encryption Compliance

Like many companies, we have a policy that all laptops must be encrypted with BitLocker.  I decided to come up with a method to determine whether or not systems were compliant with this policy.  Since we use SCCM, DCM seemed like a good way to accomplish my goal. I documented the process I followed to track encryption compliance in our company and you can view the entire article here.  Published b...

WES 7 with Tablet Components Not in the All Windows Embedded Devices Collection

I’m not sure how many people use WES 7 thin clients in their SCCM environment, but I ran into this week that I wanted to share.  We have some thin clients running WES 7 and the SCCM client with Windows Embedded Device Manager (EDM). We had a new implementation of thin clients that had a requirement to support a touch screen.  We found that the Tablet PC Components must be added to the image ...

Files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found – Office 2013

When running Setup.exe /admin from the Office 2013 Pro Plus ISO I downloaded from MSDN, I got the message ‘Files necessary to run the Office Customization Tool were not found.  Run Setup from the installation point of a qualifying product.’ The fix for this issue can be found here.

MMS 2013 Save the Date Announcement

Despite the announcement last year that MMS 2013 would be in New Orleans, it is back in Las Vegas, according to their facebook page.  See more at  Published by WebStory

Installing HP Driver Packages and Software During a Task Sequence With HP System Software Manager

Installing HP Driver Packages and Software During a Task Sequence With HP System Software Manager

Including HP Warranty Information in the SCCM Hardware Inventory

I was looking for a way to include warranty information for our HP workstations in our SCCM database.  The process I cam up with is documented here.  It uses a VBScript to look up the system warranty information from HP, write it into the registry and have it picked up by hardware inventory.  It also describes a procedure to use desired configuration management to create a collection of systems th...

Checking Applications in the MDT Wizard Based on the Task Sequence Selected

I have seen a lot of posts to the MDT forum recently of people trying to get applications selected or checked in the wizard based on the task sequence that is selected.  The common thread is that they define the applications in CustmSettings.ini using the TaskSequenceID property and, while that does in fact install the applications during the task sequence, they are not checked in the wizard to sh...

Adding Company Specific Branding Information to Your Captured MDT Image

Microsoft Provides ways for OEMs to brand the images they create for their customers, but we can also take advantage of these same methods to brand them for your company as well.  In this post, you will find instructions for creating a custom MDT wizard pane to prompt for the branding values, the custom MDT properties to store their values and a script that will put them all in place to display th...

MDT Queries and Stored Procedure Calls with No Results Cause Errors in the MDT Logs

If you issue a query or stored procedure call from MDT using the built in method of specifying parameters in the CustomSettings.ini, and no results are returned, then the number of results is reported at -1 and an error is generated in the ZTIGather portion of the logs. See this post for a simple resolution.

Parallels VMs are not detected as VMs by MDT

We have a significant number of Macs in our environment and some of them run Parallels as a method of running Windows applications.  Unfortunately MDT does not detect Parallels as a VM, so if you are doing anything specific in you task sequence for VMs, Parallels will not be included if you are using the IsVM property. This blog post outlines the process for making MDT detect Parallels as a VM.

Yet Another Approach to Driver Management in MDT – Controlling Drivers With Selection Profiles

In my latest blog post, I explain how I tackled the issue of having total control of the driver injection for standard models of machines, but still allow non-standard models to be imaged effeciently as well.

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