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Atea SAM in the Cloud follow-up post

This is a follow-up to my last post on Software Asset Management (SAM) in the Cloud. I received clarification from the folks at Atea on a few points that were previously unclear to me.

Before my original post, I was unsure about how Atea accounted for purchases and entitlements. These are a couple of key factors for determining an organization’s license position. Atea uses a mix of customized tools and manual work to compile and link the information from the following sources to the install base.

  • Microsoft License Statements (MLS) ordered from Microsoft.
  • Adobe COD-reports
  • Excel-lists
  • PDFs
  • Emails

Atea’s service offerings:

  • Cloud SAM Standard includes full Microsoft and Adobe license management and software recognition
  • Cloud SAM Enterprise includes license management for an unlimited number of vendors. You also get access to Atea’s license management tool, Compliance Manager, plus the additional Cost Saving Report and License Compliance Report for all vendors

Service delivery:

Customers are provided a dedicated SAM specialist to manage their data through the process in order to ensure QA and look for ways to save money.

  • Layer 1: Local License specialists meets the customers and gives licensing advice (Atea has a very local presence with over 60 offices in the Nordics)
  • Layer 2: The national SAM-team provides the actual SAM guidance that includes process development and increasing maturity level of SAM within the organization
  • Layer 3: The Global SAM-team performs administrative work like license registration, MLS interpretation etc.

See Atea’s website for more information.

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Dana has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, mostly with Microsoft System Center CM2007/SMS and recently with Software Asset Management (SAM) technologies and processes. Dana got his start with technical writing by submitting Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0/2003 articles to back in 2000. He continued that effort with myITforum. Dana also published two SMS books entitled Distributing Software with Systems Management Server 2003 and The Start to Finish Guide to SMS Software Delivery.


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