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Asset intelligence reporting

There seems to be this disconnect between how up-to-date the Asset Intelligence team thinks their catalog is, and what most of us are seeing.

So during the MVP summit we had this discussion as to what might be causing this.

The discussion was triggered by this forum post were the Asset Intelligence team share their metrics, and actually requests people to start forwarding data, as they obviously need input for updating the catalog.

Our general feeling was that the fact that the admin console limits you to submitting 100 items to be categorized at one point it time most likely made people stop uploading data all together. Because of that I quickly hashed together a script to upload all your uncategorized items at once. The catalog processing process requires a software title to be reported 4 times before it is added to the queue for categorization.

I’ll share the script to upload you data from Asset Intelligence, and me and Brian, one of my fellow MVP’s kindly request everyone to start uploading all of their titles. At the summit we had 2 large companies submit over 60.000 software titles and we are busy convincing some other large companies to do the same. A couple of large companies impact however will be neglectable to all the smaller ConfigMgr shops to follow suit and start submitting as well.

For those of you that don’t use Asset Intelligence yet, we urge you to strongly consider start using it.

You can download the script here and just run it on your site server.

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