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Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) goes International

Volume Purchase Program

Something that many global customers are asking for is VPP support outside of the United States for their end-users. It appears that day has finally arrived.

As of today the following countries have now been added:
New Zealand
United Kingdom

No word if additional countries will be added later on, but it appears to be a similar approach as to any AppStore changes with the larger ones first.  For the latest always hit up the main page here:

To access and purchase apps in each county necessary it appears, you must use your VPP Apple ID with the correct country store link with the 2-character country code. This table also provides the current link (could change in the future) of the local language VPP Guide if you need it:

Country VPP Store Link VPP Guide
Australia AU Guide
Canada CA Guide
France FR Guide
Italy IT Guide
Germany DE Guide
Japan JP Guide
New Zealand NZ Guide
Spain ES Guide
United Kingdom GB Guide
United States US Guide

You can also jump from one to another once you are logged in. PayPal payment is only accepted in the United States. Other local payment options may vary depending on the country.

I have not yet tried a full test with a MDM solution, so your MDM success may vary until each vendor comes out with clear support statements.

The Apple Configurator v1.1 fixes some problems using VPP vouchers, so if you are using that, make sure you update it. See for more info.

For the developers out there, please see

BTW, on the separated Apple Education side, it currently appears that the additional countries are not quite yet active, I would assume they would follow rapidly if there are no hiccups on the business side.

Let me know how the new country work out for your deployment needs!


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