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Windows 10

An Open Source Solution to Win 10 Update Problems

An Open Source Solution to Win 10 Update Problems

Anyone that has had to deal with delivering Windows 10 updates to a fleet of PCs knows what a task it can be. Beyond just dealing with a steady flow of updates, Microsoft continually delivers updates that introduce their own problems. Many organizations delay updating because of the poor quality of updates.

One person has delivered a solution to help manage the updates.

Windows Update Manager (WuMgr) is an open source solution available from GitHub (

Some features:

  • Scans, downloads, and installs updates.
  • Ability to auto download for ‘offline’ search of updates (like when wuauserv is blocked in the firewall).
  • Ability to manually (that is without the use of wuauserv or the windows agent API) download found updates to disk. This is useful when windows updates access to Microsoft servers is blocked.
  • Ability to block automatic windows update on Pro/Core editions of Windows 10 by setting the WSUS servers to ” ” as described in the ‘Windows Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality Baseline‘ from Microsoft.
  • Hides the Windows Update page from the Settings app when automatic updates are disabled.


Obviously, this is a work in progress with additional features on the way. But as an open source offering, you can help develop this into a solid tool through coding and comment.

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