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Amazon’s Echo Devices Get First Security Update

A threat against the Bluetooth protocol for any device using it was reported several weeks ago. Called BlueBorne, anattacker could take full control over a device – including any Echo device from Amazon.

Amazon rolled out the update silently a couple revisions back, so Echo devices should now be protected. The protected software version should be at least version 591448720. There’s been a couple devices updates since Amazon silently distributed the security code.

To locate the software version for a device, in the Alexa app or at

  1. From the Menu, select Settings.
  2. Select your device, and then scroll down until you see Device software version in the About section.


But, this is a new area for the smart speaker industry. Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others will need to continually be wary of new security threats to customers. Security updates for normal computing and mobile devices are common place. But, voice is the future of computing and represents an area where security could become a big focus in the near future and could spur another industry opportunity.

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