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Amazon’s Alexa Fire TV Amalgamation is Closer to Reality

Amazon’s Alexa Fire TV Amalgamation is Closer to Reality

Its been rumored for some time and really, merging Alexa and Fire TV in a single device makes a lot of sense. Currently, customers can pair their Echo speakers with their Fire TV medallions and sticks to get fair interoperability. But, as customers know, it could be a better experience.

Hence comes the Fire TV Cube.

A couple stray pages about the Fire TV Cube have silently showed up on Amazon’s pages:

Subscribe to the Fire TV Cube email list:

A product splash page (with email sign-up):

Amazon just announced a new Alexa offering in the Echo Kid’s Edition, so its possible the company is also preparing a May announcement for the Fire TV Cube. Incidentally, the User doc for the Amazon Ethernet adapter already sports the following picture:

Pricing hasn’t hit the rumor mill yet, but based on Amazon’s pricing history, the combined device should cost around $130.

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