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Amazon Upgrades Dash with Alexa

UPDATE: This product announcement came just a day before the announcement that Amazon is acquiring Whole Foods (Amazon to buy upmarket grocer Whole Foods for $13.7 billion). The re-release of the Wand but with Alexa integration makes a lot more sense now.

The Amazon Dash has been a small hardware device that customers can use to quickly reorder products from Amazon.  Here at our house, we use it for Keurig coffee cups, dog chews, Ziplocks, dog food and a couple other things. At first, these were handy devices and we used them constantly. However, over time, they eventually gathered dust and couldn’t be permanently integrated into our lives.

The Alexa devices have been a different story. Alexa is used here everyday for a myriad of uses. The time, the weather, adding products to our grocery list, playing music – these have all become commonplace for each family member living under this roof.

Amazon today has launched upgraded Dash hardware called the Amazon Dash Wand. The wand style is not new. The first generation was only available for select Amazon Fresh customers and offered a barcode scanner for ordering product. But, the big announcement today is that the wand now has Alexa integration, along with the barcode scanning ability. The wand now works more like the Fire TV or Echo remote control where you have to push a button to interact with Alexa instead of the wand just listening all the time like other Alexa devices.


  • Groceries have never been easier. All new Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa helps you find recipes, convert cups to ounces, buy and reorder essentials, find nearby restaurants and more.
  • Purchase Dash Wand for $20 and get $20 off your next purchase after you register the device.
  • Try AmazonFresh free for 90 days (normally $14.99 per month)
  • Say it or scan a barcode. It’s added to your shopping cart. Just say “paper towels.”
  • Water-resistant, durable design, and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge.


The new Amazon Dash Wand is $20. And, if you order one now, Amazon will credit your account with $20 off your next order after it has been registered to your account.

Find it here: Amazon Dash Wand With Alexa

I’ve already ordered one for overnight delivery, so expect me to revisit this soon. I’ll be testing it over the coming weekend and the next few days after.

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