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Amazon Unveils Alexa Blueprints for Businesses

Amazon Unveils Alexa Blueprints for Businesses
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Last year Amazon delivered Alexa Blueprints, which allows anyone to quickly and create simple, personal skills based on template wizards. Later the company gave those same users the ability to publish their self-created blueprints as official Alexa skills that can be shared and used by anyone.

Today, Amazon has unveiled “Private Skills,” which is essentially Alexa Blueprints for businesses. These Private Skills are voice-powered capabilities that enhance the Alexa experience while remaining private to members of an Alexa for Business organization.

With Alexa for Business Blueprints, you don’t need to write a single line of code to create a private skill for your workplace. Select one of dozens of easy-to-use Skill Blueprints, add information such as common questions and answers for your workplace, and publish the skill to Alexa for Business as a private skill.

Details: Alexa for Business Blueprints

Some examples of skills that would be beneficial for businesses, might be delivering business-specific information on holidays or providing the guest Wi-fi password for visitors.

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