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Amazon Rereleases Echo Wall Clock with a Fix and a Disclaimer

Amazon Rereleases Echo Wall Clock with a Fix and a Disclaimer
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Amazon took its Echo Wall Clock off the market recently due to connectivity problems. And, now that the connectivity capability has been tweaked, the company has resumed selling the gadget.

The Echo Wall Clock’s capability is limited, but valuable in its own way. Like any wall clock it provides the time, but in this case, also can be used to show timer countdowns on the outer edge of the clock face. It does this through a required connection to a compatible Alexa device (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, or Echo Input).

The product page now also supplies the following warning…

Echo Wall Clock must be paired to, and within 30 feet of, a compatible Echo device. Echo Wall Clock is compatible with Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Input. It is NOT currently compatible with Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, Fire Tablets or Amazon Tap.

The Echo Wall Clock is just $29.99 but requires another Echo device to work: Echo Wall Clock

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