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Amazon Policy Shuts Down Third-party Ads in Alexa Streams

Good for Amazon.

About a month ago, a third party announced that it would provide Alexa developers with ways to monetize their skills through an ad service. At the time, Amazon had yet to respond to the announcement, but shortly after, updated its policies to make them more strict against advertisements. Amazon didn’t want to go the way of Google and instead wants to put the customer experience first.

The third-party ad company, VoiceLabs, has now announced it will bow out of the area, suggesting that Amazon’s policies have restricted its ability to inject ad content into skill developer streams. VoiceLabs seems to think that it will someday be able to deliver this service, but that the area is too new yet.

Explanation: VoiceLabs is ‘Hibernating’ its Sponsored Messages Amazon Alexa Advertising Network


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