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Amazon Offers Fire TV Stick with Echo Dot for Same Price as New Fire TV

Bad reviews have mounted against Amazon’s latest Fire TV refresh – what Amazon calls the “Pendant” model. Amazon redesigned the newest offering as a replacement for its entire Fire TV line, however, customers who have upgraded have been less than impressed. We’re still testing the new model for a full review due soon.

The new Fire TV version is out of stock already, with delivery listed as 2-3 weeks after order. But, rumors are flying about that the unavailability is due, in part, to the bad reviews. We’ll have to wait and see, but a new promotion for the old version of the Fire TV stick may reveal more about this situation than it should.

Amazon is delivering a new promotion where the Fire TV stick comes with an Echo Dot device for the same price (well, it is actually a penny cheaper) as the latest Fire TV Pendant. The combination is a solid one, and allows customers to navigate Fire TV using just their voice.


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