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Amazon Looking to Improve Alexa Skill Quality

Amazon’s Skill store for Alexa isn’t any different than any other app store. There’s good skills, and there’s bad ones. There’s valuable skills you’ll use everyday, and there’s skills you’ll use once and forget. There’s life enhancing skills, and then there’s those that simply produce body noises.

Amazon is now hiring a Quality Assurance Engineer for the Alexa Skills team, in hopes maintaining  a high level of quality for the Alexa Skills store.

We are looking for a “Quality Assurance Engineer” to work on the third party skills testing. Ideal candidate should have proven expertise in scalable systems, working across technologies, and mentoring junior engineers. Background of working in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain and/or mobile development space (Android, iOS) is a plus.

Job is here: Quality Assurance Engineer, Alexa Skills

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