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Amazon Launches Betas of New Alexa Skill Builder and Testing Tool

Amazon today has announced betas for an updated Alexa Skill Builder and a new Testing Tool.

The skill builder provides a visual interface to easily create an interaction model for your skill. You can use this feature to add multi-turn dialogs to your custom skills. A multi-turn dialog is a conversation between the user and Alexa to gather the information needed to fulfill the user’s request. For example, for a trip-planning skill, you can add “which city are you flying from” or “how many people should I make the reservation for.”

Today we are excited to announce our new beta testing tool for Alexa skills which makes it easy for you to get beta feedback on your skill. You can now invite thousands of users to test your Alexa skill and provide feedback before you publish your skill. By introducing real user feedback into your development process, you can build more intuitive voice experiences. We recommend you ask users to beta test your skill, gather any feedback, then optimize your skill’s voice experience before submitting your skill for certification.

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Announcing New Alexa Skill Builder (Beta), a Tool for Creating Skills

Improve Skill Quality with the New Beta Testing Tool for Alexa Skills (Beta)

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