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Amazon Introduces Tech to Keep Alexa from Responding to Accidental Wake Words

Amazon today is providing new tech that will keep Alexa devices from responding to names and phrases that sounds like the wake word.

If you own an Alexa device, you’ve experienced when Alexa starts listening for no good reason and you start to wonder if Amazon is in bed with the NSA. That is, until you realize that a phrase or name on a television broadcast sounds too close to the wake word you’ve configured and that’s what put Alexa in listening mode.

The new tech called Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification…

Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification is a feature that improves wake word accuracy for Alexa-enabled products by reducing false wakes caused by words that sound similar to the wake word. For example, here are a few words that may cause a false wake for “Alexa”: “Alex”, “election”, “Alexis”. Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification also detects media mentions of the wake word. For example, the mention of “Alexa” in an Amazon commercial.

Full info: Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification Improves “Alexa” Wake Word Accuracy on Your AVS Products

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