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Amazon Enhances Manageability for its AppStream 2.0 Software

AppStream 2.0 is an app sandbox, allowing customers to take any centrally located application and run it in a modern web browser. This gives customers the ability to standardize on applications and deliver them to mobile devices anywhere. It also gives customers the ability to run applications on incompatible platforms.

Amazon has announced new management features for AppStream 2.0 that will give administrators more control over remote devices. Those are:

Fleet Auto Scaling – This brand-new feature allows you to use the CloudWatch metrics to scale your fleet up and down in response to changes in demand. This allows you to deliver applications as economically as possible, while still providing instant access.

Image Builder – You can build your own AppStream 2.0 images that contain your choice of applications.

SAML 2.0 Authentication – You can use your existing SAML 2.0 compliant directory with AppStream 2.0. Your users can use their existing credentials to log in.

Fleet Management – You have additional management options for the instances that run your applications.

CloudWatch Metrics – You can observe and monitor seven Amazon CloudWatch metrics, including the size and overall utilization of your fleets.

Details on each of these enhancements here: New Amazon AppStream 2.0 Features – Fleet Auto Scaling, Image Builder, SAML, Metrics, and Fleet Management

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