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Amazon Adds SMS Texting for Alexa for Android Smartphone Users

Amazon today has unwrapped  a surprising new feature for Android users of the Alexa mobile app. Now, users can configure Alexa to allow text messaging and Alexa will use the capability of the smartphone to send messages through the SMS network to those contained in personal contacts.

Just say…

Alexa, send a text to <name>

If you’ve yet to enable this function, Alexa will respond…

If you have an Android phone, go to the Alexa app to enable sending SMS messages using your Alexa devices.

You can turn it on by going to the Conversations tab in the app and then Contacts > My Profile > Send SMS.


Once enabled, Alexa will ask you to dictate the message you want to send and then use the Android phone’s connection to send the message.

This works great for Android users, but unless Apple changes things the feature will never be available for iOS. Amazon says its impossible to reproduce for iOS until Apple offers 3rd-party access to its messaging API.

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